Rentals- Crandon Park

Equipment Rentals at Crandon Park:
Umbrella rental on the beachThe Miamikiteboarding North Beach Concession offers equipment rentals and services:
You will find Kayak Rentals, Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Rental and Lessons, Taxiboat service and Kiteboard Lessons.

Also, our front beach store conveniently offers: Snack Bar, Wi-Fi, Picnic Tables, Chairs and Umbrellas, Showers and Lockers, all this in the safest beach in Miami.

MiamiKiteboarding Crandon Park - North Beach Concession 305-345-9974

Kiteboarding at Crandon Park:
Crandon Park - North Beach Concession 305-345-9974
The North Beach at Crandon Park offers something for everyone; with a convenient snack bar, cold drinks, picnic tables and Wi-Fi connection. Operating since 2001; Miamikiteboarding was the first kite school established in Miami, we are known for our solid and extensive experience in the field which has made us a leader in teaching the sport.

Our School is also one of the only 2 Training Center for the International Kiteboarding Organization ( IKO ) in the Mainland USA, the owner is an IKO Master Instructor Trainer. Kiteboarders and Instructors can enroll courses to start a professional Career teaching the sport and reach their maximum potential.

Crandon is the rider's dream spot in Florida, with a lagoon style flat conditions and a US top ranked beach with all facilities; watched by lifeguards who ensure a quality and safe swim zone.

We teach in perfectly clear shallow waters which allows for very fast and safe learning. As an IKO Center, we ensure quality teaching standards and the IKO certification card level.

Private or group instruction. Lessons start at $50 /hr ; include a licensed & insured coach plus all the kitesurf equipment and complimentary water gear. We have specialized in Kids Kiteboarding Clinics (every Saturday 10-12pm) and Watersports Camps (Spring Breaks and Summer)

For additional fun, you will find Kayak Rentals Stand Up Paddleboards ( SUP ) rental and lessons, Our Front Beach Store also offers conveniently : Snack Bar, Wi-Fi, Chairs and Umbrella, showers, lockers, all this in the safest beach in Miami.

Other Rentals
BikesKitesafari and Boat Shuttle Service:
We own two first class boats to take your kiteboarding to the next level; Kite in uncrowned and remote places or get progress your abilities  with down winder and deep water lessons. Prices Start at $39, please call the TaxiBoat at 305-401-8885.

For more information on cabana rentals, picnic shelter rentals, carousel rental and more see our fee schedule