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Crew Working…
FilMiami recently visited crew working at Continental Film & Digital Laboratories which has provided over 40 years of Quality Processing (ECN) & Printing (ECP) of 16-35 & 70mm Motion Picture Film. In 2007, Steve Krams fully took over Continental Lab and many exciting changes have been made including the addition of new services, equipment and personnel

Steve Krams, Jeff Peel and Nadeem Chawdhry


Now in addition to processing film, Continental offers film transfers and color correction as they recently announced the addition of Colorists, Nadeem Chawdhry, Eva Hadaway and Richard Kluft.

In order to fulfill the increased needs for high-end digital and HD work, Continental has added a Telecine suite that transfers both16/S16mm & 35/S35mm (3 and 4 Perf), NTSC and PAL Transfers, URSA Diamond Telecine with ITK Y-Front,, Da Vinci 2K Color Corrector, DVNR 1000 Grain/Noise Reducer, Digitizing of Dailies Utilizing Final Cut Pro, Fostex DAT and CD/DVD Audio Playback/Record and Multiple Tape Deck Recording Options. Also by the end of the year, Continental will add a Thompson Spirit Datacine High Definition Telecine Suite.

Jeff Peel and Nadeem Chawdhry


Owner, Steve Krams, is excited about bringing the passion for filmmaking back to South Florida. “I am making sure that the original spirit of Continental Film Lab is being perpetuated,” stated Krams.” We want to re-connect with the craftsman. We want to work with directors and DP’s to make sure that their production needs are exceeded. We want to support and offer top of the line products and service to Indie filmmakers so that they produce the best of independent cinema”.


Continental Film and Digital Laboratories, 1998 NE 150 ST, North Miami, Fl 33181, 305-949-4252. For more information visit

FilMiami’s Sandy Lighterman will be out and about visiting our local crews hard at work at various South Florida production facilities and we will highlight them on and in our newsletter. If you want us to visit your facility and your crew hard at work, just email us at  


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