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Outreach Grants

Grants available for community-based organizations

The County will provide grants to community-based organizations to conduct outreach and education to provide information about the 2020 Census to communities within Miami-Dade County that have been identified as likely undercounted in the Census. Applications will be accepted until 4 p.m. Monday, December 2. Read the grant application for details and instructions.
Pursuant to Section 2-11.1(t) of the Miami-Dade County Code, as amended, a cone of silence is imposed upon each RFP or RFQ after advertisement and terminates at the time a written recommendation is issued. For the purpose of this RFGA, the Cone of Silence shall apply. Written communications may be in the form of email sent to the RFGA Contracting Officer Jose Fernandez at [email protected], with a copy to the Clerk of the Board at [email protected]. Read the 2020 Census Grant Application for more detail on the cone of silence.