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Hurricane Guide

Hurricane Season is from June 1 to November 30. Be sure to plan and prepare ahead of time. Read a list of commonly used hurricane terms.

Before, During and After a Storm

Before a Hurricane

Prepare your property and reduce the risk of hurricane damage.

Before a Hurricane
During a Hurricane

Learn how to be ready and hunker down as the hurricane approaches.

During a Hurricane
After a Hurricane

Take cautionary measures after the hurricane has passed.

After a Hurricane

Emergency Planning

Kits & Checklists

Make plans and be fully stocked on supplies before hurricane season begins.

Emergency Evacuations

Learn how to prepare for an evacuation, as well as what to do and where to go.

Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program (EEAP)

The EEAP provides evacuation assistance to residents who need specialized transportation or whose medical needs prevent them from evacuating on their own.

Pet Preparedness

Learn how to properly take care of your pets when a storm comes.

Tree Preparation

Prune your trees before hurricane season arrives, and get tips for after the storm.

Shelter in Place

Learn how to safely ride out the storm from home.

Update on Tropical Storm Isaias, 7/30/2020

Stay Ahead of the Storm

Sign up for Miami-Dade Alerts

Register for Miami-Dade Alerts to receive emergency information by text message.

Ready Miami-Dade Hurricane App (iOS)

Have up-to-the minute hurricane info with you at all times by downloading the Ready Miami-Dade app into your iPhone.

Ready Miami-Dade Hurricane App (Android)

Have up-to-the minute hurricane info with you at all times by downloading the Ready Miami-Dade app into your Android mobile device.

National Hurricane Center

Keep an eye on the storm by checking in with the National Hurricane Center.

FIU Storm Surge Simulator

Visualize the potential storm surge effects on your home or business.

South Florida Weather Radar

Check out the live South Florida weather radar.

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Prepare for hurricane season during the new normal

Despite restrictions and changes in social behavior due to COVID-19, everyone should get a head start in preparing for hurricane season.

Caregiver with a elderly woman
Register early for emergency evacuation assistance

Hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30, but it’s never too early to make the necessary preparations for yourself and members of your family.

Woman on phone signing up for Miami-Dade alerts
Get emergency alerts

Receive free emergency emails and/or texts with details on public safety issues.

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