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Journey through the Everglades

Commissioner Levine Cava takes four-day canoe journey through the Everglades

Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava on a four-day canoe expedition through the famed “River of Grass”

Armed with a pair of GoPro cameras and a stack of “postcards” with educational messages about the importance of the Everglades ecosystem, newly elected County Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava recently set out on a four-day canoe expedition through the famed “River of Grass.”

“I wanted to start my tenure serving the people of Miami-Dade by spending some time in the Everglades reflecting on its importance to all of us,” explained Commissioner Levine Cava.  “This amazing ecosystem we share serves us too – it is the source of our drinking water, it feeds our crops, and it is our greatest defense against a rising sea.”

Commissioner Levine Cava and her family teamed up with Everglades National Park Acting Superintendent Bob Krumenaker and Miami-Dade County EcoAdventures Lead Naturalist Ernie Lynk for this journey.

Journey through the Everglades news release.

Everglades Restoration & Sea Level Rise

Everglades Restoration will assist by diminishing the following potential climate change-related impacts to South Florida:

  • Salt water intrusion into our fresh drinking water supply.  Without restoration, the Everglades would receive roughly 20 percent of its historic annual flow. This flow is important in protecting the Biscayne Aquifer from saltwater intrusion.
  • Salinity increases in our coastal bays, tidally influenced creeks/rivers
  • Shoreline/coastal wetland erosion or retreat and associated natural habitat changes/losses
  • Lower water supplies(groundwater) due to evaporation losses/droughts
  • Stresses on plant, animal, and marine ecosystems (that occur due to sea level rise  or precipitation extremes)
  • Changes in plant and animal migratory patterns (by providing areas of retreat when coastal natural areas/wetlands are impacted)