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Important Message

Miami-Dade Business Guidelines are being updated to reflect Executive Order 20-244 issued by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis regarding statewide business opening rules. Read the Miami-Dade County Mayor's Amendment No. 1 to Emergency Order 30-20 for details.

Personal Grooming, Massage and Tattoo Establishments

Phase 1 of allowing the reopening of certain businesses began on May 18, 2020. If a particular commercial establishment supports multiple business lines, only those permitted to operate may be opened in any particular phase. Points in bold MUST be followed; other recommendations are strongly suggested. While designated businesses are permitted to open, they are not required to open.

As you prepare to reopen your establishment, please use the Personal Grooming, Massage and Tattoo Establishments General Checklist as a guide. All guidelines are categorized by workforce protection measures, employee protection measures, non-employee (or customer) protection measures, business process adaptations, employer-led public health interventions and industry-wide safeguards.

In addition to following the guidelines for retail stores, personal grooming stores have additional considerations.

For the most up to date changes, see the latest Emergency Orders and Amendments.

Send a question or a suggestion about the New Normal Guide to [email protected].

Workforce Protection

  • Within the shop, a minimum of six feet of distance between customers, except for families residing at that same dwelling
  • Capacity limited to 50% of building occupancy as required by law
  • As possible, install plexiglass barrier between salon chairs
  • Only the customers receiving the service may enter the shop (except for a parent or guardian accompanying a minor)
  • All services require an appointment; appointments must be recorded for tracking purposes and for the notification of others that may have been present in the shop, if a positive COVID-19 case is reported
    • Customers must wait outside of the business (practicing social distancing) or in their cars until they are called for their appointment
    • A paging system may be utilized similar to what restaurants use, so that customers do not congregate outside of or around the shop
    • Walk-ins are prohibited

Employee Protection

  • Employees to wear masks and gloves at all times, the use of face shields is strongly encouraged
  • Employees must not share tools
  • Service Providers and Artists must wear single-use aprons
  • Any face to face service requires a face shield being worn by the groomer/ stylist (e.g., beard/mustache, eyelashes, eyebrow, facial)

Non-Employee Protection

  • Customers to wear face masks (coverings may be removed for a short time when necessary to perform face services as instructed by groomer/stylist)
  • Provide customers with disinfection spray to apply on entry/exit

Business Process Adaptions

  • Cleaning and disinfecting agents must be EPA registered and labeled as bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal
    • Reception and Retail Area
      • Discard old magazines and other non-essential items in the waiting area that cannot be disinfected
      • Wipe down all soft surfaces (couches, chairs) with water and a clean towel
      • Clean and disinfect all hard, non-porous surfaces such reception counter, computer keyboard, phones, door handles, light switches and point of sale equipment
      • Clean and disinfect all shelving, glass and display cases; keep product containers clean and dust free
      • Place signage in window to notify customers of your diligence in practicing proper infection control
    • Workstations – this must be performed after each service(s) provided to the customer
      • Clean and disinfect all non-porous implements used in your services (immersion, spray or wipe)
      • Store properly disinfected implements in closed containers
      • Clean and disinfect all electrical implements used in your services
      • Clean and disinfect chairs and headrests; consider barrier methods on chairs such as disposable paper drapes or towels that can be laundered after each client
      • Clean and disinfect workstation, rolling cards, drawers and any containers used for storage
      • Ensure that single use porous items are new
      • All items on a nail station must either be new, never used, or cleaned and disinfected (stored in a closed container until ready to use)
      • Waste must be doubled-bagged and disposed of daily; if applicable, as in the case of tattoo studios, waste must be picked up and disposed of by a medical waste company
    • Treatment Rooms/Laundry/Shampoo Bowls/Pedicure Bowls
      • Clean and disinfect any appliances used
      • Clean and disinfect treatment tables
      • Ensure all single use items are new
      • Empty wax pots, completely clean and disinfect, and refill with new wax
      • Any used linens, must be washed and dried on the HOT temperature setting
      • All clean linens must be stored in closed covered cabinets
      • Launder (porous) or disinfect (non-porous) all capes
      • Clean and disinfect all shampoo bowls, handles, hoses, spray nozzles and shampoo chairs after each use
      • Clean and disinfect pedicure bowls after each use
  • Washing hair before a cut is compulsory
  • Encourage paperless transactions and offer to email receipts if possible
  • All staff must wash hands before and after each service; if possible, it is recommended to wash hands in front of the customer
  • Applicable guidelines for business operations must be followed:

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