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Transit Service Updates

All Transit riders must wear face coverings, per Miami-Dade County Emergency Order 20-20. Riders in violation of this order will be denied boarding or removed from our transit system.

The following actions have been taken to ensure the safety of transit operators, employees and riders:
  • Suspended fares for all Miami-Dade Transit services, including parking fees
  • Auto reloads for monthly pass customers are also suspended
  • Metrobus customers are required to board through the vehicle's rear entrance. Accommodations for riders in need of the wheelchair accessible ramp, including the elderly, will continue to be made
  • Converting the current cabin partition for operators into a full-enclosure shield on all 767 Metrobuses, limiting unnecessary interactions between operators and passengers
  • Blocked seats closer to operator's cabin to ensure social distancing
  • Distributed masks to maintenance and construction employees
  • Distributed surgical masks, KN95 masks, plastic face shields, hand sanitizer bottles, gloves and wipes to operators
  • Increased cleaning schedules for all vehicles, which are also being disinfected several times a day
  • Employees over 65 or with underlying medical conditions were offered to stay at home with pay or work from home
  • Began temperature checks for all employees and visitors at all garages and facilities
  • Purchased additional tables and rented tents for bus maintenance garages to enable social distancing between employees
  • Service adjustments are not reflected on the schedule posted online. Please track your trip via the Go Miami-Dade Transit app via the map feature.

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