Know your political party before you vote in the primary election
February 18, 2020 — Elections

Voting day spelled out on board
Feb. 18 was the last day to register to vote and change or update your party affiliation for the Mar. 17, 2020 Presidential Preference Primary Election.
Florida is a closed primary election state. That means that only voters who are registered members of a political party can vote during a primary election.
However, there are instances when all registered voters can vote in a primary election, regardless of political party, or even if they are registered nonpartisan (i.e., free from party affiliation):
  1. If the primary election ballot includes races for nonpartisan judicial and school board offices, nonpartisan special districts, or local referendum questions
  2. If all of the candidates in a primary election race are in the same party, and the winner won't face an opponent in the general election (including qualified write-in candidates)
Know your party affiliation before you vote. Check your voter information today to make sure you are eligible to vote for the upcoming election.
Check your voter information

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