Miami-Dade is monitoring Tropical Storm Isaias
July 30, 2020 — Miami-Dade County

Wind and rain on a beach in Miami

There's potential for heavy rains and tropical storm winds over portions of Miami-Dade this weekend as Tropical Storm Isaias heads toward the Florida coastline. Now is the time to check your disaster kit and be on alert to new information about the developing storm. Also, make sure that your emergency equipment, such as battery-powered radios and flashlights, are in good working order, and make sure you have enough food and water for each person in your household for the next three days.

Although the current expectation is that Miami-Dade won't experience worse than tropical storm weather, there is the possibility that the track could change. If you live in a surge zone, you should have an evacuation plan in advance. Go to to find out if you live in a storm surge zone and to get more information about preparing for a storm.

Watch Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez's August 1 virtual press conference about the storm.

Please visit Tropical Storm Isaias to get the latest information on County services and updates.

Hurricane Isaias Updates

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