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Water Bill Adjustments and Credits

You may receive an adjustment to your bill in any of these cases:

  • A high bill due to a leak that was concealed underground or behind a wall
  • A once-a-year pool credit is allowed for a swimming pool that is emptied and refilled
  • An act of vandalism resulting in a high bill (customer must have reported the incident to the police, and WASD must be able to verify repairs made to damaged water and sewer fixtures)
  • An over or underestimated reading
  • An incorrect meter reading
  • Underground Leak Adjustment

    The following requirements must be met to be considered for an adjustment to your bill:

    • All repairs for underground/concealed leaks must be completed within 30 days after notification by the department that a possible plumbing problem may exist
    • An underground/concealed leak form must be completed and signed by the account holder in order to apply for a billing adjustment
    • Attach a copy of the repair receipt/bills and/or a letter from the company or persons completing the repairs
    • Attach photos from before and after the repairs have been completed
    • Submit payment of 40 percent of current charges or verify your account is paid in full
    • Before covering, repairs must be inspected by the department, unless they are in a hazardous area for which detailed pictures must be provided
    • Access to the property will be needed depending on the location of the repair

    The Underground Leak Adjustment form and documentation can be sent, by indicating "Leak Credit," via fax, mail or email.

    Note the following regarding possible adjustments:

    • If repairs have not been completed, no adjustment will be applied to the account
    • Monthly accounts will only be granted adjustments on the wastewater portion of the bill, with no adjustments made to the water portion of a bill for any leaks
    • Billing adjustments will be 50 percent above the prior year's average usage on the water portion of the bill, and 100% adjustment above the prior year's average usage on the wastewater portion of the bill
    • Customers may apply for a one-time lifetime 100 percent adjustment above the prior year's average usage on the water portion of the bill, if the water loss is six times higher than the prior year's average usage due to the leak repaired. This adjustment is applied only to one billing cycle
  • Pool (Sewer) Credit

    A once-a-year pool credit is available for a swimming pool that is emptied and refilled. The bill's sewer charges may be adjusted for the volume of water necessary to refill the pool. A $12.50 fee applies if the presence of the pool needs to be verified. Accounts that are billed for water only and premises with a submeter or separate sprinkler meter do not qualify for a pool credit.

    Create or log in to your Water and Sewer account to request a pool credit.

  • One-Time Lifetime Credit

    If you receive an extremely high bill that is not the result of a leak or any changes on the property, you may apply for a One-Time Lifetime adjustment on one billing period. 

    You may receive an adjustment to your bill in any of these cases:

    • The high bill must exceed 6 times the past year’s average usage
    • The account must be in good standing without any interruption of service due to nonpayment, or placed in the Department’s collection process during the previous 12 months for late payments
    • The original licensed plumber’s invoice must be submitted
    • The original completed and signed notarized affidavit must be submitted
    • The customer must have a minimum of 4 full billing cycles, or 12 months of billing history at the property in question

    Note the following information regarding possible adjustments:

    • No adjustment will be granted for a hose, faucet, toilet, or hot water heater that was running inadvertently, or any other plumber fixture that has otherwise allowed water to flow for any period of time
    • No adjustment will be granted if there have been any changes in water usage within the household during the billing period (i.e. new landscaping, guests visiting, major household repairs or construction that required increased water usage, problems with one’s pool or sprinkler system, or water theft)
    • No photocopies, faxes, or emailed scans will be accepted of the affidavit in order to request the adjustment
    • A one-time lifetime adjustment will be 50% credit to the water portion of the bill above the past year’s average consumption, and a 100% credit to the wastewater portion of the bill above the past year’s average consumption
  • Certified Meter Test

    A "legally accurate" meter is defined as a meter that has been tested by Miami-Dade County and is determined to register between 98.5 and 101.5 percent on high and intermediate test flows, and between 90.0 and 101.0 on low test flows.

    Complete a certified meter form and send it via fax or mail.

    If the meter is found to be legally accurate, the account will be billed for the cost of testing.

    Certified meter tests take up to 60 days to complete. The test results will be mailed to you within 10 business days upon completion. The County will notify you of any discrepancies with your request.

  • Administrative Hearings

    Account holders may dispute the accuracy, amount or calculation of any water and/or sewer service billing credits or denials thereof, through an administrative hearing. Customers that are billed on a monthly basis must do so within 60 days of the bill or adjustment decision, and customers that are billed on a quarterly basis must request a hearing within 90 days of the bill or adjustment decision.

    The following matters are not to be considered through an administrative hearing process:

    • Service charges and fees
    • Liens
    • Water and Sewer Rates Stormwater Fees
    • Fees and/or charges billed on behalf of other entities

    The Administrative Hearing is administered by the Clerk of the Courts on behalf of Miami-Dade Water and Sewer. An independent Hearing Officer will review any pertinent facts and evidence including testimony of witnesses and render a final decision. A decision by the Hearing Officer that is in favor of the Department will result in a $75 Administrative Fee being charged to the owner of the water and sewer account.

    If you would like to request an Administrative Hearing, call the Customer Care Center Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., excluding holidays, at 305-665-7477 or email [email protected] to request an Administrative Hearing form.

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