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Link your Water and Sewer account to your profile, then access your water bill in a simple, new way. For information about enrolling or registering your account, read these frequently asked questions.

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Bill Payment & Account Access

Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department account information is considered a public record. However, Florida Statues 119.071 provides for an exemption for specified individuals regarding their public information from being disclosed. If you qualify for this exemption, please fill out and send in this form.

Per Florida Statute 668.6076, under Florida law, email addresses are public records. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.

My Account

Access your Water and Sewer account in a simple, new way. Pay your bill, view water-use history, update your information, enroll multiple accounts under one user name, and stop or transfer service.

Water Bill - Online Quick Pay

Pay your water bill online as a one-time payment with a credit card or bank account, or enroll in free automatic payments.

Pay Water Bill by Phone, Mail or In Person

Other ways to pay your water bill.

  • High Water Bill Investigations

    Leaks, incorrect meter readings and even vandalism can be reasons you receive a high water bill.

    Answering "yes" to any of the questions below could be the reason your bill is higher than expected.

    • Did the number of people living in your property increase?
    • Any extra house guests during the billing cycle?
    • Filled a pool, or used a pressure cleaner during the billing cycle?
    • Left the hose on or washed cars during the billing cycle?
    • Yard work done recently/planted new sod/trees/plants?
    • Any unusual moisture noticed in home or on lawn?
    • Any repairs made on property or to toilet/fixtures during billing cycle?
    • On vacation or home left vacant?
    • Been a victim to an act of vandalism (report it to police)?
    • Have a leak that was concealed or underground?

    The Department routinely investigates the occurrence of a high water bill. The investigation consists of an examination of the water meter and meter box to ensure there are no leaks, and a visual inspection of the exterior of your property to determine the possible causes of the higher consumption.

    To request an investigation, call Customer Service at 305-665-7477 or email [email protected].

    This investigation will be completed at no cost if you have an unusually high bill or your water consumption has increased 50 percent or greater than your average quarterly water consumption.

  • Past Due Account & Payment Extensions

    Bills are typically sent to customers on a quarterly basis, and are considered past due if payment is not received within 21 days from the billing date. After the 21st day, a 10 percent late fee will be assessed and applied to the account. Avoid late fees by making the payment prior to the due date.

    If payment is not received and an extension is not requested by the bill due date, a final notice will be mailed. If payment is not received within 14 days of the final notice, then the service may become eligible for disconnection. If the service is disconnected and remains unpaid for an additional 7 days, the account will be closed and any available deposits applied to the balance. A final bill will be generated with the remaining balance due or a refund will be issued in the case of a credit balance.

    Requests for an extension of time to pay can be made anytime via AVA, your Automated Virtual Assistant, or by calling the Care Center at 305-665-7477 during regular business hours.

    Note: Two occurrences of returned checks within a year will restrict your payment methods to cash, cashier's check or money order for one year and a deposit may also be applied.

  • Bill Adjustments
    You may receive an adjustment to your bill in any of these cases:
    • A high bill due to a leak that was concealed underground or behind a wall.
    • A once-a-year pool credit is allowed for a swimming pool that is emptied and refilled.
    • An act of vandalism resulting in a high bill (customer must have reported the incident to the police, and must verify repairs made to damaged water and sewer fixtures).
    • An over or underestimated reading.
    • An incorrect meter reading.
    Learn more about bill adjustments
  • Water Service Deposit Refunds
    Customers in good standing will automatically receive a credit to their account for the full deposit amount after 2 years of good payment history or at termination of service.
  • Premise Location Certification
    A Premise Location Certificate includes information related to current accounts, outstanding balances, liens, bankruptcy, write-offs, tampering costs or other financial responsibilities on a water and sewer account. To order a certificate, complete a form and submit it by fax, mail or in person.
  • Tampering Violations

    It is unlawful without the written consent of the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department to tamper with any utility fixtures that service your property. Examples of a tampering violation:

    • Water usage without applying for service
    • Turning water services on without department authorization
    • Installation of an unauthorized meter
    • Installing any foreign apparatus to stop or alter the metering of water
    • Removing or modifying any of the utility’s fixtures such as a meter or meter lock
    • Connecting a water meter backwards

    A Civil Violation Notice is issued to either the property owner or tenant when a tampering violation is found.

Water Service & Water Meters

Start Water Service

Start water service to your home or business by submitting an online request, by telephone or visiting a service center.

Stop Water Service

Customers moving out of Miami-Dade's water service area can request to stop water service online, by telephone or in person.

Transfer Water Service

If you are moving from one property to another within the Water and Sewer Department's service area, you can request to transfer water service.

Read Your Water Meter

Learning how to read your water meter is important. It is also a key indicator whether water may be wasting due to leaks.


Installing a submeter allows you to water your lawn and fill your swimming pool without paying a sewer charge for the water used.

Reconnect Water Service

Learn about re-connecting to receive water service.

View all Water and Sewer services

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We provide water and wastewater services directly to more than 400,000 retail customers and indirectly through wholesale (municipal) utilities. These services include water supply, transmission, treatment, distribution, conservation, wastewater collection, treatment, disposal and water reclamation.

You can pay your water bill online, through the mail or at any of our three customer service centers or a number of private payment centers located throughout Miami­-Dade County.

Developers rely on our review and approval of plans, including system points of connection, water and wastewater service agreements, new mains conveyance and meters.

There are currently dozens of projects underway to enhance and upgrade our infrastructure utilizing state-of-the-art technology. This will create new jobs and increase service capacity that will support opening more businesses in the community.