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e-Government Portfolio

Communications's eGovernment Solutions team is responsible for the development of systems for communications, information dissemination, and citizen engagement on the portal platform. The group is also dedicated to the development of quality of life applications, such as service reminders, constituent service provision follow-up, citizen account consolidation, customer service relationship management, and personalization-driven features.

eGovernment solutions also focuses on enterprise system integrations with portal, development of customer service-driven applications architecture, and on technical project collaboration/code sharing with other government entities (G2G). The development process in eGovernment Solutions incorporates rapid prototyping, and the agile methodology with extensive user involvement, and usability techniques.

Key Functions:

  • CRM/Customer Service tool development
  • Portal-based development
  • Content and knowledge tool development (Content consolidation, taxonomy, ontology tool development
  • Usability analysis, Accessibility testing, Application branding QA

Flagship Applications

Flagship Applications




Idea Machine

A tool for the submission of suggestions (by employees and the public) for improvement of County services and internal operations

  • Assignment of ideas for review
  • Departmental response tracking
  • Voting and commenting on suggestions
  • Reporting of departmental response rates and response types

Portal Calendar

An application for the entry and online display of County meetings and events

  • Event entry and pre-scheduling
  • Event categorization
  • Personalization by category
  • Event download to Outlook
  • Event creation and update audit trail (for Sunshine meetings)

Legal Ads

An application for the entry and display of legal notices/ads on

  • Legal ad entry by departmental users
  • Legal ad automatic expiration
  • Legal ad archive search
  • Legal ad email subscription
  • Legal ad publication scheduling

Content Manager

An application for the entry and posting of news, and service information items on the web portal

  • Content item entry
  • Content item classification
  • Video item page creation
  • Content item expiration
  • Content item publication scheduling
  • Content item images and thumbnails
  • Content item page creation
  • Content item list/index creation
  • Content item subscription tagging

Customer Service Data Warehouse

Involves the consolidation of data about numerous types of service transactions, and service-related contacts with County residents, into a single enterprise view. The objective is to use the data for the development of customer service strategies and to streamline service processes across multiple departments and government agencies

  • Reports of service requests filtered by department, completion timeframes, type, web statistics, e- commerce statistics, call volume data, 311 inquiries by topic (Knowledge Base)
  • Trending reports
  • Executive dashboards


A system for the online submission of service requests and problem reports to 311

  • Submission of service requests for:
  • Potholes, graffiti, dead animal, canal needs cleaning, missing traffic signs, road obstructions, ADA requests to Public Works, Broken water mains, Illegal Dumping, etc.
  • Submission of photo of incident
  • Email notification of request status change
  • Ability to provide updates/add notes
  • Ability to track status of request(s) online
  • Ability to submit anonymously
  • Ability to customize service request questions
  • Ability to geo-validate address and service provision area
  • Email workflows

Constituent Management

System for entry of constituent contact information and for logging of constituent complaints

  • Creation of constituent profiles
  • Entry of contact episodes
  • Follow-up scheduling
  • Contact database searches and contact episode reporting
  • Creation of custom request types
  • Creation of letter and email templates
  • Creation of custom statuses
  • Email workflows


Portal Search

A custom search engine which parses multiple Miami-Dade content sources, and uses semantic technologies to produce more contextually-accurate results.

  • Keyword boosting
  • Auto-suggestions
  • User ranking of content
  • Neural networks for user feedback
  • Legislative full-text searches


Tool for knowledge article creation for use by the 311 Contact Center, which synchronizes web content with scripts developed for call specialists

  • Content change notifications
  • Import from web tool
  • Tabbed display
  • Call taker feedback component
  • Search bookmarking
  • S/R Type and Department associations
  • File library
  • Version history
  • Undelete function
  • Integration with central ontology/taxonomy repository
  • Integration with eNet

Green Pledge

Web portal tool for employee green behavior commitments

  • Pledge Administration
  • Pledge compliance reporting by department
  • Ongoing pledge update capability
  • Educational pop-ups

eNet Blogs

Provides employees and county executives the ability to blog on topics of their interest

  • VIP Blogs
  • Comment enabling/disabling
  • Blog archives
  • Blog viewing filters
  • Blog approval workflows
  • Blog picture posting

eCampaign Manager

System for mass e-newsletter deployment

  • eNewsletter scheduling
  • Contact list management
  • Contact list mapping
  • Campaign archiving
  • Integration with portal user repository
  • Integration with portal content database
  • Static newsletters
  • Dynamic newsletters

Employee Community Applications

  • Ads
  • Profile
  • Important Dates
  • DayBook

eNet applications for employee community building, classified ad posting, birthdays and anniversary dates, employee profile maintenance and searches

  • Posting and editing of employee classifieds
  • Classified Categories
  • Employee Birthdays by Department and timeframe (month, week)
  • Profile editing, supervisor selection, searches, photo upload
  • Daybook scheduling by unit

Portal Wizard

Application for free form constituent question submission

  • Email notification
  • Automatic tagging
  • Inclusion of responses in FAQ database available in the portal search engine

Recycling Alerts

System for automatic recycling pickup email reminders

  • Integration with GIS for schedule lookup
  • Integration with portal registration
  • Inclusion of recycling tips
  • Schedule dashboard


System for employee contact information, emergency service and volunteering preferences, emergency contact setup

Employee update screens available through eNet login

Portal display/content apps

  • Highlights
  • Tabbed Portlet
  • Commission News
  • RSS

Portal applications that offer dynamic types of display for content

  • Tabbed Display
  • Rotating display
  • Scrolling display
  • RSS-enabled portal content
  • Display of press releases from commissioner district offices
  • Image Gallery display

Civic Portal

Community portal for neighborhood organizations. Selected representatives will contribute content and have access to dashboards with service/request and incident statistics, which highlight the County's activity in their communities

  • Geographically filtered service request list
  • Geographically filtered crime data
  • Geographically filtered services near you list
  • Document upload
  • Calendar event posting
  • Filtered content feeds



Visual display of 311 service request statistics and trends for constituents

  • Map zooming and panning
  • Data parameter sorting
  • Export to excel
  • Request details

iPhone applications

Allow on-the-go code violation reporting

  • Automatic geo-coding of issue location
  • Upload of photos of incident
  • Submission of incident notes



Virtual portal customer service assistant for citizens who submit information inquiries

  • Analysis of knowledge base article
  • Composition of response
  • Software agent coaching
  • User feedback


Semantic tool for visual browsing of portal content

  • Topic weights
  • Content item preview
  • Portal user preference integration

Software Systems Supported


Software Systems Support

System Description Functions

Vovici Enterprise
Feedback Management

System for development and management of surveys, polls, and other methods of user feedback collection

  1. Survey creation
  2. Survey response analytics
  3. Panel creation
  4. Survey question library
  5. Survey publishing and expiration scheduling

Teamsite Content Management

System for the creation, publishing, archiving and full lifecycle management of website content

  1. 3-tier publishing (workarea, staging, production)
  2. Versioning (editions) of all content changes
  3. Ability to roll back to any previous version
  4. Workflow for content approval
  5. Role based permissions
  6. File import from multiple sources
  7. File locking for concurrent modifications

Miami-Dade County's web portal “one-stop-shop" access point for information and services for residents, visitors and businesses

  1. Information consolidation
  2. Application integration
  3. Theme and skin customization
  4. User registration
  5. Personalization
  6. Session management
  7. Single sign-on


Miami-Dade's one-stop-shop access point for information and services for County employees

  1. Information consolidation
  2. Application integration
  3. Theme and skin customization
  4. User registration
  5. Personalization
  6. Session management
  7. Single sign-on

Reverse 311

Automated call-out (phone notification) system

  1. Robocall scheduling
  2. Robocall recording
  3. Import of contact lists
  4. Integration with GIS for call-out area definition
  5. Robocall reporting
  6. Contact attempt escalation


Bug tracker

Work request management system

  1. Ticket submission
  2. Ticket assignment
  3. Ticket prioritization
  4. Project milestone development
  5. Email notification workflow


Enterprise system for media (graphics, video, photo) file management and storage

  1. Multiple file type support
  2. File check-in and check-out
  3. Visual search
  4. Photoshop layer management

Organizational Wiki

System for collaborative development and co-authoring of content (used for maintenance of internal procedural documentation)

  1. Page versioning
  2. Page formatting
  3. Concurrent authoring
  4. File attachments


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