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Elevator Safety & Regulation

Welcome to the Miami-Dade County Office of Elevator Safety official web page. We are the regulatory authority having jurisdiction over all elevators, escalators, moving walks, and other conveying systems located within buildings throughout Miami-Dade County in all municipalities, except the City of Miami and City of Miami Beach. We are building our website to be more useable to the industry and the public.

Miami-Dade County has Jurisdictional Authority over elevators, escalators, moving walks and related equipment, as well as wheelchair lifts, as regulated by the State of Florida Statutes Chapter 399, the Florida Building Code Chapter 30, and Florida Administrative Code 61c-5.

Pursuant to this contracted authority, Miami-Dade County, Internal Services, Office of Elevator Safety is responsible for the issuance of all permits for new construction, alteration, modernization, and repairs, as well as for the issuance of Certificates of Operation of the regulated equipment, within all of Miami-Dade County, except for the political subdivisions of the City of Miami and City of Miami Beach, each of which has also contracted with the State for jurisdictional authority. Miami-Dade County also retains authority over its own equipment and property throughout the County, irrespective of location.

Miami-Dade County , Internal Services, Office of Elevator Safety, will act in the place of the State of Florida in all matters; except licensing of inspectors, contractors and technicians; pertaining to elevators, escalators, moving walks, and other related equipment covered by the Florida Building Code, and Florida Statute 399.

Notice of Workshops for Proposed Elevator Ordinance New

The Miami-Dade County, Internal Services Department, Office of Elevator Safety is conducting two follow-up workshops for a proposed regulatory ordinance for elevators, escalators and other conveyance systems located within Miami-Dade County. All interested parties are invited to attend and participate, or observe.

  • The first workshop is scheduled for Nov. 14 from 1 - 4 p.m. at the Herbert S. Saffir Permitting and Inspection Center, 11805 SW 26 St. (Coral Way), in Meeting Room I and J.


  • The second workshop is scheduled for Dec. 4 from 1 - 4 p.m. at the Stephen P. Clark Center 111 NW 1 St. on the18th floor, room 18-3.

Copies of the draft proposed ordinance  are available on our website or by contacting the Office of Elevator Safety at 305-375-1577, offices located at 201 West Flagler St.

Elevator Accidents

All elevator accidents must be reported prescribed by the State of Florida or Miami-Dade County, to Miami-Dade County Office of Elevator Safety, within five working days following any such accident, in accordance with Florida Statute Chapter 399.125.

Elevator Permits and Inspection Forms

All permits for new construction, alteration and repairs, as well as Certificates of Operation will be issued by Miami-Dade County Office of Elevator Safety. Miami-Dade County Office of Elevator Safety will monitor and regulate all elevator activities, as required by law.  Elevator safety issues, or equipment problems can be reported by contacting Miami-Dade County Office of Elevator Safety at 305-375-1577 or submit Elevator Consumer Complaint form Adobe Reader either by email or fax 305-372-6367.

Elevator Listing

Here is the listing for all elevator, escalator and moving walk equipment Adobe Reader (4.15 MB) located within the political jurisdiction of Miami-Dade County. We are providing this list for you to use in your business transactions, wherein you may need a cross reference of Miami-Dade County issued serial numbers (DC number) with the State issued serial numbers, and addresses of buildings. We require that all inspection reports now reflect the State serial number only.

Notice: The elevator information contained herein is derived from the State of Florida and Miami-Dade County computer records, and may contain some inaccuracies. Please report to us any inconsistencies or inaccurate information, so that we may correct it. Although the listing is updated from time to time, it is subject to change without notice, and the user is cautioned to verify the accuracy of information contained herein before relying upon it.

Please refer to our standard disclaimer at: Miami-Dade County Liability Disclaimer and User Agreement.

Advisories and Bulletins

Elevator Ordinance Workshop

Elevator Industry Technical Advisory

Elevator Industry Bulletin

Public Access Information

We are pleased to announce that we are releasing for public use, a public access link to real time information from our live data base, about elevator inspections and other pertinent information about elevators used by the public. From this web page, simply log on to the link provided in the resource below. From there you can direct your cursor to any of the open windows, and you will be able to navigate through the information contained within the County’s Elevator Tracking System, in as real time as we are able to provide.

For further assistance contact 305-375-1577, or e-mail

Elevator Violation Codes

Instructions for new violation codes to be used with new inspection reports.

The listing included below is a new list of violation codes Adobe Reader which are based upon those prepared by the State of Florida. The codes should be largely identical to those used by the State. You will note that the violation codes consist of 5 characters, both alpha and numerical. Those for electric elevators begin with an E, hydraulic elevators begin with an H, Escalators begin with an S, Moving walks begin with an M, and other units such as dumbwaiters, residence units and others begin with an O.

There is one violation code that we have added to the list which you may find useful, “O999n”, which is: “Other violation – see notes"

We have included a brief narrative of the code violation descriptor, and the relevant ASME A17.1 -1996 (with addendums) code, as well as the same violation equivalent ASME A17.1- 2000 code., as a cross reference. The violation codes are designed to be used with the new inspection report form only. This list is shown on our web page as an “ADOBE” PDF file, and is easily searchable. If you have problems with the list, please call the Office of Elevator Safety, Miami-Dade County at 305-375-1577.

In accordance with the Florida Statutes Chapter 399, Florida Administrative Code 61C-5 and Chapter 30 of the Florida Building Code, the Office of Elevator Safety may impose fines Adobe Reader of up to $1,000 for certain violations of the Statute and of various codes.

Elevator Hurricane Preparedness

As the regulatory agency for elevators Countywide we have created a checklist to help prepare elevators in case of a hurricane. 

If you cannot view PDF Get Acrobat! files, you can download Acrobat Reader  for free from Adobe Systems, Inc. In order to use PDF files, you must have Acrobat installed on your computer.

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