Citizen Advisory Committee

The Building Better Communities Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC) is a standing 21-member committee of volunteers. The CAC is comprised of 13 members appointed by each of the County Commissioners and eight members appointed by the Mayor and County Manager.

The purpose of the CAC is to advise and bring issues of public concern related to theBBC GOB program to the Mayor, Board of County Commissioners and County Manager. The CAC meets bi-monthly in an open forum. Interested and concerned citizens are encouraged to attend these public meetings.

The CAC has two subcommittees: The 180-Day Subcommittee works with staff and stakeholders on projects that have fallen behind schedule. The Housing Subcommittee works to research and develop recommendations on policy issues affecting the Public and Affordable Housing projects.



Katy Sorenson, Chair

Harry Hoffman, Vice Chair

Wendell James

Barbara Bisno

Jeffrey Mishcon

Sandra Gonzalez-Levy

Edward Hanna

Jeremy Maxwell Dale

Jose “Pepe” Riesco

Javier Salman

Guy Forchion

Ann Pope

Jay B. Hess

Mary Scott Russell