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29, 2011

Suzy Trutie

Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez Statement on Senior Staff Hiring

Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez stands by his commitment to reduce the size of County government, lower property taxes and preserve vital public services. He is also committed to hiring the best, most qualified professionals to help him accomplish those goals and understands that doing so comes at a price. 

All of the individuals who have been hired as Deputy Mayors are qualified professionals with years of experience, and all have been managers in their own right. Additionally, the County Executive Office, previously comprised of the Office of the Mayor and the Office of the Manager, has been consolidated into one department. The County Manager position, which represented $400,000 in salary and benefits, no longer exists. The Mayor's salary, previously set at $323,000, has been reduced by more than half.  The Assistant County Manager position, previously occupied by between five and seven individuals, has been replaced with five Deputy Mayor positions, one of which will also serve as the Mayor's Chief of Staff.

Mayor Gimenez takes very seriously his obligation to lead by example as he calls on County employees to make a shared sacrifice for the good of the organization and the people it serves. To that end, the Mayor's office budget is being slashed by twenty percent ($1.46 million) and eleven positions within the Office of the Mayor are being eliminated.

"I want the most qualified, capable professionals working with me to reduce the size of County government and reduce costs to our taxpayers," said Mayor Gimenez. "As Mayor, I must lead by example, and the big-picture reality is that my office will be a leaner, less costly operation than the one that preceded it."  

Mayor Gimenez is currently out of town, attending the Dade Association of School Administrators (DASA) Summer Institute with his wife, Lourdes, an administrator for Miami-Dade County Public Schools.