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10, 2011

Suzy Trutie

Statement from Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez regarding Miami-Dade Transit service slowdown

I am disappointed to hear that a number of Miami-Dade Transit employees are planning on participating in an illegal work slowdown next week.  Thousands of residents and visitors depend on our transit system every single day.  From getting to work and school to doctor's appointments, our transit system provides one of our community's most essential services.  Our residents have been making financial sacrifices, adjusting their lifestyles, and tightening belts within their own households in order to survive this economic storm.  This proposed slowdown will only hurt them further.

While I have never condoned illegal activities or behavior, I will continue to meet with all of our union representatives and employees regarding this fiscal year's budget, concessions and shared sacrifice.  By working together, we can continue delivering services to the thousands of residents, visitors and County employees who depend on our transit system on a daily basis.