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For Immediate Release:
January 13, 2014
Media Contact:
Eunice Sigler

Suzy Trutie

Eleventh Judicial Circuit, Clerk of Courts and Miami-Dade County statement on Dade County Courthouse

(MIAMI, January 13, 2013) – Miami-Dade County is renovating the Dade County Courthouse located at 73 West Flagler Street, in Miami. As part of an ongoing program to improve the facility, the current $30 million project includes improving the facility’s roofs, plaza and façade. A review of support structures of the Dade County Courthouse by structural engineers contracted by Miami-Dade County, which owns and maintains the courthouse buildings in Miami-Dade County, has raised concerns regarding some of the supporting columns located in the basement of the building. Upon receipt of the report of this examination, the Eleventh Judicial Circuit has asked the County to conduct further investigations to determine the extent to which repairs are needed.

The County's structural engineering report states that there are no immediate concerns for current use and occupancy of the building, and the building is safe for all employees and visitors. The report also recommends further in-depth testing of the supporting columns.

At this time, court operations at the Dade County Courthouse will continue to operate under normal schedule.

For any inquiries relating to future structural testing at the courthouse, please contact Miriam Singer, Assistant Director, Miami-Dade County Internal Services Department, at (305) 375-5502.