Our Pledge to you

MiamiAlive is about Miami-Dade County Animal Services pledge to save the lives of our community's shelter pets.  It's about making Miami-Dade County a No Kill Community. It's about the challenges we face, and the ways in which we are committed to facing those challenges.  It's about working with the people in our community and working with our partners to ensure that we explore, initiate and implement the programs and services that keep our pets alive. Because saving lives is our pet project.

If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.

— Albert Einstein

What We Do

We are committed to saving the lives of our shelter pets, many of who were abandoned in dire straits at the shelter without another hope in the world. Fortunately, we set them up for the second chance at life that they all deserve. By using No Kill shelter methods, we are the initiator of a grand life-saving effort in our Miami-Dade County to ensure that these precious pets get the forever homes they long for.

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We tirelessly work to find life-long homes for the thousands of abandoned pets in our care by offering onsite adoptions, hosting off-site adoption at events and locations throughout the community.

Start your Search

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To enable animal-lovers who are unable to adopt yet, our fostering program is the perfect fit. For every pet we foster out, a place at the shelter opens up for another needy pet.

Foster a Pet

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We desire to find stable, lasting homes for abandoned pets. If you share this desire, come alongside us in our mission to save the lives of our community’s most neglected pets.

How to Volunteer

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Spaying & Neutering

To nip animal overpopulation in the bud, we provide low-cost spay and neuter services, the most humane and long-term method available to save the lives of thousands of pets.

Spay & Neuter Information

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Rescue Partnerships

Rescue organizations provide a safety net for thousands of needy shelter pets. We initiate rescue partnerships to place these precious pets in the home their heart is.

Partner Up with Us

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Off-site Pet Adoption

We’ve expanded our borders by hosting pet adoptions at events and locations throughout the community. Look for us – or our “can’t miss” mobile pet adoption trailer, named the HOPE Express – in malls, parks, festivals and at community events.

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Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. 

— Anatole France

What You Can Do

Abandoned pets need our help, and we need yours. There are so many ways you can help and make a positive mark in the life of homeless pets in our community. Join us and participate in any or all of our lifesaving projects. Make a difference in the lives of lovable pets today…because saving lives is our pet project.


Your loyal companion is already waiting for you. Adoption is easier than ever, as our pet adoption counselors provide valuable information related to suitability, helping you find your perfect match.

Find a Pet


Foster a pet and raise it in the comfort and safety of your home before the pet is offered for adoption. You’ll be saving a second life by opening up a space at the shelter for another homeless pet.

How to Foster


To make Miami-Dade County a No Kill community, volunteer help is needed. We appreciate your time, skills and heart to help us create a better world for precious pets in need of TLC.

Volunteer your Time


The save rate for shelter pets reached an all-time high in 2013. Your gift will support this lifesaving project and save countless pets in 2014, getting us one step closer to a No Kill Miami-Dade County.

Donate Online

Spay & Neuter

There are great benefits for you, your pet and community by spaying and neutering. By taking care of this simple, low-cost procedure, you’ll be saving the lives of many pets.

Spay or Neuter your Pet


We host and participate in plenty of adoption events throughout Miami-Dade County, making it easier for folks to adopt loveable pets abandoned in dire straits that are searching for their forever home.

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