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Summer 2012
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Don't be a bummer -- recycle this summer!
Get a reminder about your recycling pickup day
Keep a lid on it!
Catch video clips -- and tips -- on YouTube
Learn the latest ''Happy Facts'' about recycling

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What's my recycling pickup day? Find out now!

Welcome to our first issue!

Hello, Miami-Dade recyclers! We hope you find this premiere issue of a la Cart useful and informative. Our goal is to provide you with important information about Miami-Dade County's single-stream, curbside recycling program. We'll also tell you how you can get the most out of the program and how you can help the environment by participating!

items you can recycled Don't be a bummer -- recycle this summer!

Summer is here, and plenty of outdoor activities require lots of replenishment. If you're using plastic bottles or aluminum cans to stay refreshed, remember to recycle them! Taking them to the beach or a park? Don't forget to recycle there too, or bring them home to your blue cart. Remember -- drink boxes and juice cartons are recyclable as well. Don't take a vacation from recycling when you're on vacation! >>

Get a reminder about your recycling pickup day

Remember -- you subscribe to our Recycling Alerts, so you receive reminders about your recycling days. That way, you will never forget your pickup day again. It's simple and conveninent -- so why not tell a friend? They will also receive an email the afternoon before their recycling day with a reminder to take the cart to the curb. How easy is that? >>

Keep a lid on it!

Great news! It’s now OK to put the cap back on your plastic bottle and recycle them both together. Processing technology has improved, allowing for plastic bottle caps to be recycled. (You can squish or flatten certain bottles to make more room in your recycling cart.) Need a little refresher on all the items you can recycle? Go take a look now! >>

Catch video clips -- and tips -- on YouTube

Want to catch a cool animated clip that shows how products get recycled, as well as real footage from the recycling center? Check out our YouTube channel, which is chock full of information about how recycling works in Miami-Dade County. Of course, there are other clips to enjoy. >>

Learn the latest ''Happy Facts'' about recycling

Ever wonder if your recycling efforts make a difference? Well, a quick look at our latest recycling "Happy Facts" will answer that question! Find out how your active participation in the County's single-stream recycling program is making positive changes possible in our community. >>

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