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October 30, 2013
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Edith Torres

State Farm Presents $31,240 Check to the Parks Foundation of Miami-Dade and Students at Terra Agricultural Research Institute

State Farm presented a $31,240 check to the Parks Foundation of Miami-Dade and students at TERRA Agricultural Research Institute that will help pay for a new beetle-rearing laboratory at the school to be used for the Bio-control of the Air Potato Vine project that will be run by the students.  The check presentation took place Tuesday, October 29, at 12:30 p.m. at the site of the new laboratory. 

The bio-control method will consist of the rearing of the air potato leaf beetle, its scientific name being Lilioceris cheni (Lili), by TERRA students and their subsequent release into Kendall Indian Hammocks Park, a Miami-Dade County park with over 50 acres of “hammock” forest besieged by the invasive exotic Air Potato vine.  The “Lili” beetle is native to China, India, Nepal, Laos and Thailand and was first released in Florida in 2012 by USDA for biological control of the Air Potato.  The USDA, Agricultural Research Service, Invasive Plant Research Laboratory (USDA) in Fort Lauderdale, FL is providing the “Adam” and “Eve” initial starter beetles that will be reared in the TERRA laboratory and later released into the park under NAM and USDA supervision.  In addition, TERRA will be the only high school in Florida supplying the “Lili” beetle to other agencies for use where the Air Potato is also taking over native vegetation. 

The TERRA classroom laboratory is scheduled for completion by end of the year at which time a dedication ceremony will be planned, followed by a beetle release ceremony in spring/summer of next year.  

“This partnership will allow my students to engage firsthand in a very important aspect of the conservation and management of our natural areas, which is the use of biological controls in order to mitigate the effects of an invasive species," said Alex Salcedo, Conservation Biology teacher in charge of the bio-control project 

“State Farm supports service-learning because it integrates service to the community into classroom curriculum using a hands-on approach to mastering subject material while fostering civic responsibility,” said Jose Soto, State Farm Community Specialist in Miami.  “The State Farm Youth Advisory Board is a prime example of State Farm’s commitment to education, our community and our youth.” 

The Air Potato is a serious threat to South Florida’s environment, growing vines that are 30-40 feet long, stifling native plants and destroying landscaping and impacting the natural eco-system.  In South Florida they have been found in various communities in Miami-Dade County including Kendall, Coral Gables, Village of Palmetto Bay, Homestead, South Miami, Florida City, Miami Gardens, North Miami Beach and unincorporated areas of Miami-Dade County. 

Long standing partners for more than 15 years, the USDA and NAM began this joint venture to discover a safe and successful method for eradicating the exotic vine in 2011, when the USDA requested NAM’s help to provide a controlled living preserve in which to test the impact of the “Lili” beetle on Air Potato.  In November 2011, the first test-release of the beetles to combat the plant took place, and again in April 2013 with the assistance of TERRA students. 

Results from these releases are already evident at the test sites, with leaves and whole plants clearly showing the effects from of the beetles.  In those areas, the leaves look like lace patterns and many of the bulbils have also been affected, slowing the reproduction of the plant. 

“NAM’s participation in this project has been vital,” said Dr. Min Rayamajhi, a plant pathologist with the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service’s Invasive Plant Research Unit.  “NAM has provided us with a living laboratory without which this testing would not have been possible, and their bio-agricultural expertise in the removal of invasive non-native plants and bug control has been invaluable.  We are extremely appreciative of their assistance, as the Air Potato situation is urgently in need of a remedy for which currently there is none.” 

“NAM is a critical division of the Miami-Dade Parks Department,” said Miami-Dade Parks, Recreation, and Open Spaces Director Jack Kardys.  “This project is just one example of the dedicated and unsung work of these expert biologists that make up our NAM division, maintaining and restoring the natural eco-system of Miami-Dade County and protecting our environmental resources for people, wildlife and nature.” 

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