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For Immediate Release:
June 04, 2015

Media Contact:
Det. Daniel Ferrin

Miami-Dade County Revisits Juvenile Curfew Ordinance


The Miami-Dade Police Department would like to announce about the Miami-Dade County Juvenile Curfew Ordinance (Miami-Dade County Code of Ordinance, Sec. 21-201 - 21-219).  On April 21, 2015, the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners passed a Resolution directing additional resources be dedicated towards enforcement of the Miami-Dade County Juvenile Curfew Ordinance.

Since the Juvenile Curfew Ordinance was enacted in 1994, and based on the recent request for increased enforcement, it is important to remind everyone of its restrictions and exceptions.  Therefore, we have attached a flyer to better assist you with understanding the Ordinance's requirements. 

We look forward to working together to make our community safer.

Who: Miami-Dade County

What:Juvenile Curfew Ordinance

When: April 21, 2015

Where:Miami-Dade County

Why:The Ordinance is just one of many tools that the Miami-Dade Police Department has utilized to successfully reduce juvenile-involved criminal activity.


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