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For Immediate Release:
May 05, 2015

Media Contact:
Det. Daniel Ferrin

Eleventh Grade Student Receives $10,000 Grant for K-9 Non-profit Organization


The Miami-Dade Police Department, is proud to announce that the Petco Foundation will be presenting a grant for the amount of $10,000 to the South Florida Fund for Retired Law Enforcement K-9.  This will take place at the K-9 Police Memorial at 5:30 p.m., on the same date that the Police Memorial will be taking place. 

The South Florida Fund for Retired Law Enforcement K-9 non-profit foundation was initiated by Adam Block, an eleventh grade student at Palmer Trinity School, after hearing from his father, a veterinarian, that police officers with retired K-9's were faced with huge vet bills.  Retired K-9's typically continue to live at the home of their law enforcement partners.  After retirement, there are most often, no financial provisions as the departments for which the officers worked can no longer pay for the medical care for these dogs.  Additionally, many times, the human partner is unable to manage the financial needs of extensive medical care.  Many K-9's, as they age, acquire diseases frequently related to their past service.  They are not only faced with natural aging conditions, but many have sustained injuries from training and working such as torn ligaments, arthritis, and back problems.  Many of these dogs can avoid unnecessary euthanasia with financial assistance to treat their conditions.  

The community as well as the media is welcome to attend.

Who: South Florida Fund For Retired Law Enforcement K-9

What:Eleventh Grade Student Receives $10,000 Grant For K-9 Non-profit Organization

When: May 07, 2015, 5:30 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.

Where:Tropical Park, 7900 Bird Road, Police K-9 Memorial, Miami, Florida



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