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Dade-Miami Criminal Justice Council

The Dade-Miami Criminal Justice Council was jointly created by the City of Miami Commission and the Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners in 1978. This Council assumed all responsibilities formerly carried out by the Dade County Criminal Justice Advisory Council (established in 1972).

The Council’s purpose is to encourage and facilitate coordination and cooperation between and among the various agencies of the Criminal Justice System of Miami-Dade County and to provide advice, analysis, and technical assistance to criminal justice-related agencies.


All Dade-Miami Criminal Justice Council (DMCJC) meetings are held publicly under the Florida Sunshine Law and prior public notice is provided before any meeting.

  • Regular Meetings – held 4 times per year
  • Executive Committee Meetings – held as needed
  • Committee Meetings – held as needed
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Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is comprised of the Council Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and committee chairpersons. The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the Council between meetings on any urgent matter which would normally come before the Council for a decision. 

Public Safety Coordinating Council Committee
The Public Safety Coordinating Council Committee shall carry out duties required by Florida Statute Section 951.26 and is independent from and shall not be subject to modifications by the Council. The Committee shall meet at the call of the Chairperson for the purpose of assessing the population status of all detention or correctional facilities owned or contracted by the county, and will formulate recommendations to ensure that the capacities of such facilities are not exceeded.

Such recommendations shall include an assessment of the availability of pretrial intervention or probation programs, work-release programs, substance abuse programs, gain-time schedules, applicable bail bond schedules, and the confinement status of the inmates housed within each facility owned or contracted by the county. 

Legislative and Policy Committee
The Legislative and Policy Committee shall develop a comprehensive approach for the prevention of serious and violent crime through legislative strategies that fill the gaps in the continuum of practices that impact the community. This committee shall review and analyze proposed and current federal, state, and local legislation, and provide recommendations to the Council on legislative development. 

Juvenile Justice and Prevention Committee
The Juvenile Justice and Prevention Committee shall strengthen the continuum of care for youth at risk of criminal behavior and for young offenders at all stages of involvement in the juvenile and criminal justice systems through the replication and adaptation of proven initiatives that incorporate research, practical experience, and broad-based community partnerships.  

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee shall be comprised of Institutional Members. The Nominating committee shall identify, review, and make recommendations to the Council for candidates to fill Community Representative vacancies on the Council. 

Mental Health Diversion Committee
The Mental Health Diversion Committee shall review the current mental health and jail system/processes and shall make recommendations for system improvements to more effectively divert, treat and monitor persons with mental illness who become involved in the criminal justice system. 

Miami-Dade Reentry Council Committee
The Miami-Dade Reentry Council Committee shall plan and coordinate local reentry services. The Committee may collaborate with the Public Safety Coordinating Council Committee to develop a comprehensive local reentry plan. This committee shall provide evidence-based methodology and outcome measures for evaluating the efficacy and impact of programs; review and analyze federal and state grant programs used to promote safe and successful reintegration into the community, including but not limited to the Second Chance Act grant program;  and identify funding opportunities and forward recommendations to the Dade-Miami Criminal Justice Council.

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The membership of the Council is comprised of local criminal justice agency administrators, public officials, and interested citizens appointed because of their expertise and interest in improving the local and state criminal justice system. The Council does not provide direct client services.

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Board Members

The Dade-Miami Criminal Justice Council is comprised is comprised of local criminal justice agency administrators, public officials, and interested citizens appointed because of their expertise and interest in improving the local and state criminal justice system.

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Board Staff

Ms. Debbie Cortina
Miami-Dade Police Department
Office of the Deputy Director
9105 NW 25th Street, Room 3102
Doral, Florida 33172
Phone: 305-471-1985

Ms. Veronica Salom
Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department
2525 NW 62nd Street
Miami, Florida 33147
Phone: 786-263-6018

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