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Police Reserve Officer Program

The Department's Police Reserve Officer Program (PROP) encompasses the concept that law enforcement is the responsibility of every citizen and that opportunities should be provided to concerned individuals to serve the community.

Eligibility Requirements:
Police reserve officer candidates shall comply with eligibility requirements established for full-time Police Officers. Former or separating MDPD law enforcement officers, who elect to apply for appointment as a Police Reserve Officer (PRO), shall contact the Police Reserve Officer Program Coordinator. Failure to apply prior to the effective date of retirement shall constitute a break in service and subject the retiree to the selection procedures established by State law and the Department.  At the Director’s discretion, sworn employees who retire after 25 or more years of service will not be required to undergo the polygraph examination and the psychological screening evaluation if appointed as a Police Reserve Officer within 90 days of the effective date of retirement. However, if the request to become a PRO is submitted after the effective date of retirement, resulting in the appointment being more than 90 days after the effective date of separation, the applicant will be required to undergo the entire selection process for employment; including the polygraph examination and the psychological evaluation.

Officers must be willing to perform 16 hours of service per month or 48 hours per quarter.

MDPD Police Reserve Officers are Florida State Certified Police Officers who choose to work as volunteers in a sworn capacity in a variety of assignments within the Department.

The reasons for becoming a PRO with the Department varies. Some do it to maintain their certification in the event a full-time sworn position within the Department or another department becomes available. Some like the variety of assignments and mobility that an agency of our size provides. Some enjoy serving the public and selflessly giving to their community with the appreciation and gratitude of everyday citizens as the reward for choosing to perform this type of work. Some enjoy the camaraderie and to be a part of the legacy of policing that this profession uniquely offers to its members who serve in a sworn capacity. While the reasons are varied, our Police Reserve Officers work alongside our full-time officers and are held to the same standards.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) defines the primary steps below for becoming a certified officer:

  • Meet the minimum qualifications
  • Complete the required training
  • Pass the State Officer Certification Exam (SOCE)
  • Become employed as a sworn officer

Miami-Dade Police Department is CURRENTLY NOT processing eligible to be certified (persons who attended a police academy and passed the state certification exam) or lateral officers at this time. Please refer them to for updates in the future.

Ineligibility for Program:
To preclude a conflict of interest, persons within the following categories are ineligible to participate in the PROP:

  1. Persons currently employed as a guard, private detective, security patrolman, or in a similar occupation.
  2. Members of, or applicants for, other police agencies.
  3. Employees of County elements which prohibit acceptance of appointment as a Police Reserve Officer.
  4. Non-departmental members of the criminal justice system; e.g., correctional personnel, prosecutors, and public defenders.
  5. Judges, court clerks, attorneys in private practice, persons prohibited by law from being deputy sheriffs, and other persons who, at the discretion of the Director, would face an immediate or potential conflict of interest due to the nature of the person's full-time employment.

Additional Requirements:
The following information explains in detail what an officer must do to maintain their certification and what to do if their certification is inactive.

11B-27.00212 Maintenance of Officer Certification

FDLE Online Officer Training and Mandatory Retraining Courses Information

Police Reserve and Auxiliary Officer Program FAQ



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