Calendar of Events

Event: Pre-Bid Meeting & Site Visit-RPQ M2014-029
Event Date: 09/03/14 10:00AM
Contact #: 305-347-4800
Location: 1015 North America Way
Description: Mandatory pre-bid meeting and site visit for this project regarding replacement of air conditioning systems.<br><br>PLEASE NOTE: ONLY those firms that received the invitation to bid are allowed to attend or submit a bid.
Event: Bid Review Meeting-RPQ M2014-037-R
Event Date: 09/04/14 11:00AM
Contact #: 305-347-4809
Location: 1007 North America Way
Description: Meeting will review bid for flooring repairs in Terminals D & E submitted by A Affordable Carpet and Maintenance
Event: Site Visit - ITQ BI-01R4
Event Date: 09/18/14 12:00PM
Contact #: 305-329-4040
Location: 1015 North America Way
Description: Mandatory site visit for bids related to ITQ BI-01R4 -- Framing of aerial port image
Event: PortMiami Site Visit - ITQ GA-312
Event Date: 09/24/14 09:00AM
Contact #: 305-329-4040
Location: 1580 N. Cruise Blvd.
Description: Mandatory site visit and meeting to review hydraulic valve and hose installation project