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649-Galvanized Steel Strain Poles,Mast arms And Monotube Assemblies

A ) Steel Mast Arms
Galvanized Finish; Painted / Powder Coated Pole Finishes Prohibited; Fabricate mast arm assemblies and miscellaneous hardware in accordance with Miami-Dade County Mast Arm Detail Sheets for all traffic signalization/flashers; Exception: Signalization projects bid by FDOT or signalizations installed on the State Highway System shall use the FDOT DS Indices 17745 Mast Arm Assemblies for pole fabrication. Note: Base hand hole required to be located at 0° orientation; Cut all materials to the final dimensions and complete all welding prior to galvanizing; All components for individual mast arm assemblies shall be from the same fabricator (In accordance with ASTM A123; except fastener assemblies ASTM A153)

FDOT QPL Listed Steel Mast Arm Pole Manufacturers:
JEM Engineering Maico Industries Inc. Millerbernd Manufacturing
936 Highway 14 908 West 41st 622 6th Street South
Ellsworth, KS 67439 Tulsa, OK 74107 Winsted, MN 55395
(785) 472-5390 (918) 446-4517 (320) 485-2111
PelcoStructural, LLCRohn Products, LLC Union Metal Corporation
1501 Industrial Boulevard P.O. Box 5999 1432 Maple Ave., NE
Claremore, OK 74017 Peoria, IL 61601-5999 Canton, OH 44705
(918) 283-4004 (309) 566-3005 (330) 456-7653
Valmont Ind. Inc.
Post Office Box 358
Valley, NE 68064
(800) 825-6668
Contractor required to provide complete Pole Submittal Data and Calculations signed and sealed by a Florida Registered P.E. for Approval

Addition of Steel Mast Arms List of FDOT Approved Manufacturers to QPL (02-02-11)

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