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653-Pedestrian Signal Assembly

A ) 16"x18" Hand/Man w/Countdown LED MODULES
Compliance with ITE PTCSI LED Pedestrian Traffic Control Signal Indicators - Light Emitting Diode Signal Modules (PTCSI LED) dated August 4, 2010; (Conformance with PWWM Technical Specification: Section A653 16-inch x 18-inch Hand/Person/Countdown LED Pedestrian Signal Modules dated June 2011; Intertek’s LED Traffic Signal Modules Certification Program; and ETL Verified product labeling)
Compliance with ITE PTCSI Part 2 LED Pedestrian Traffic Signal Modules Adopted 03/04; (Conformance with Intertek’s LED Traffic Signal Modules Certification Program; and ETL Verified product labeling)
6533210071305106/24/2011Dialight Corp.430-6479-805XF*
653-022-01809/04/2015GE Lighting SolutionsPS7-CFF1-VLA
653-022-01608/23/2013Leotek ElectronicsTSL-PED-16-CIL-P1

** Note: ITE PTCSI Part 2 LED Pedestrian Traffic Signal Modules Adopted 03/04 will be deleted once a second manufacturer conforms to new requirements, noted above, for PWWM QPL listing.
*New Hand/Person/Countdown modules replace Dialight model number 430-6479-001XF FDOT 65332100713041with Module number 430-6479-805XF

B ) 16"x18" Hand/Man (Side-by-Side) LED MODULES (DELETED)

C ) 16"x18" Type Housings with Crate Type Visors
Color: Black; w/Stainless Steel hardware; Approved only for use with LED modules in 653 "A" above;
6531218161803101/07/2000McCain Traffic SupplySeries 8000/Die Cast Black
6531219161803101/07/2000McCain Traffic SupplySeries 8000/Polycarbonate Black
6531222080101105/22/2007Siemens ITS/EagleFL7SZ1C01BBF/3BBB/Polycarbonate Black
6531221080101108/29/2006Siemens ITS/EagleSG7SZ20COFFF/Die Cast Black

D ) Bracket Assemblies for Pedestrian Signal Heads w/Tri-Stud
Color: Natural Aluminum Finish - only; Exception: When used w/Painted Mast Arm pole/pedestal shall match pole color; w/Stainless Steel hardware; For mast arm pole or concrete pole mount (Rev. 11/11)
6531338040801305/14/1982Cost Cast Inc.PN 1915/Elbow Tri-stud / Green
N/A Cost Cast Inc.Alum.1-1/2" x 10" Pipe Nipple
N/A Cost Cast Inc.Pole End- Flat/Curved; (Assembly)
6531039080804305/12/1994Engineered Castings Inc.PN 2053-F/Pole End - Flat
6531039080805305/12/1994Engineered Castings Inc.PN 2053-C/Pole End - Curved
6531340080801308/06/1982Engineered Castings Inc.PN 2054-T/Elbow Tri-stud
N/A Engineered Castings Inc.PN 2058-A/Alum.1-1/2" x 10" Pipe Nipple
6531338201101307/07/1987Pelco Products Inc.Pole End - Flat/Curved; (Assembly)
N/A Pelco Products Inc.SE-0436-10/Alum.1-1/2" x 10" Pipe Nipple

Cost Cast Inc.www.costcast.com
GE Lighting Solutionswww.gelighting.com
Leotek Electronicswww.leotek.com
Dialight Corp.www.dialight.com
McCain Traffic Supplywww.mccaintraffic.com
Siemens ITS/Eaglewww.itssiemens.com
Engineered Castings Inc.www.ecql.com
Pelco Products Inc.www.pelcoinc.com

16”x18” Hand/Man (Side-by-Side) Pedestrian Modules Deleted by PWWM for use(05-01-10)
16”x18” Hand/Man (Side-by-Side) Dialight 430-6450-001XF & Lumination PS7-CFC1-26A LED Modules DELETED from QPL (05-01-10)
Addition w/New ITE PTCSI LED specification for Hand/Person/Countdown module s, dated Aug. 4, 2010 (07-20-11)
Addition of Dialight Model 430-6479-805XF replacing Model 430-6479-001XF for compliance w/ITE PTCSI LED dated Aug. 4, 2010 (07-20-11)
Addition of Siemens 16”x18” (Poly & Die Cast) Type Housing w/crate Type Visors added to QPL (05-31-11)

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