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Eight-year-old German Shepherd diagnosed with cancer and treated by Miami-Dade Animal Services finds a forever family

MIAMI (August 12, 2015)

This past June, a stray eight-year-old black German Shepherd named Shiba came to Miami-Dade Animal Services (Animal Services) where shelter veterinarians diagnosed her with a cancerous tumor and immediately began chemotherapy treatment. 

A gentle and sweet dog, Shiba was in need of an owner that would care and support her treatments by bringing her to the shelter for chemotherapy. With the assistance of Susie’s Senior Dogs—a non-profit organization that works to increase awareness of the challenges senior dogs face in getting adopted—Animal Services promoted Shiba on social media. As a result of the efforts of Animal Services and Susie’s Senior Dogs, Shiba caught the attention of an adopter eager to give her a home and the loving care she needs.

Shiba quickly adapted to her new home and continues to receive chemotherapy at Animal Services, where shelter veterinarians are optimistic that she will soon be cancer-free. Shiba had also tested positive for heartworm and shelter veterinarians will begin treating her for heartworm as well.

Shiba’s story illustrates that any animal, whether young or old, with the right treatment, care and love, can thrive and become a loving pet.

Every week over 500 pets come into Miami-Dade Animal Services in need of forever homes. Visit the Animal Services website to learn more about how you can connect, adopt, and fall in love with a shelter pet.

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