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Miami-Dade Transit changes Metrobus routes to improve reliability

Service adjustments effective Dec. 20, 2015

MIAMI (December 16, 2015)

In an effort to increase efficiency, improve reliability, and enhance rider experience, Miami-Dade Transit (MDT) will implement bus service improvements to 26 bus routes in Miami-Dade County beginning this Sunday, December 20, 2015.

"We are constantly looking for ways to improve transit services and to be responsive to the transportation needs of our customers," said MDT Director Alice Bravo. "These adjustments are based on ridership data and customer feedback, which is an important component for improving transit services.

Improvements to the system include creating more direct routes, and adjusting schedules to reflect traffic conditions and enhance on-time performance.

Additional enhancements being implemented include alignment changes to better serve communities, larger buses added to high demand routes and the opening of a new terminal for a safer and more convenient transfer between routes.

On Sunday, MDT will also debut bus service at its newly completed bus terminal adjacent to the Northwest 7th Avenue Transit Village. The terminal is located on the southeast corner of 7th Ave. and 62nd St. Routes 46 (Liberty City Connection), 62, 77, and Route 277 (NW 7th Avenue MAX) will now serve the bus terminal for the first time.

For more detailed information about MDT's route adjustments, visit MDT's website, or call 305-891-3131, Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on Saturdays, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For general information about transit services, and to use the trip planner tool, download the free Miami-Dade Transit Tracker app, or visit MDT's mobile services. Transit riders can also register online to receive Miami-Dade County Rider Alerts. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more up-to-date information.