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Bike-sharing service coming soon to Metrorail stations

MIAMI (August 09, 2016)

The Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTPW) is taking steps to expand its transportation services to offer local residents and visitors a bike-sharing service right from its Metrorail stations and other Miami-Dade County facilities in the near future. 

The Department recently issued a Request for Proposals for a company to set up, operate and maintain a bike-share service at its Metrorail stations, with an option to set up bike-sharing stations at other Miami-Dade County facilities.

With the addition of a bike-sharing service, the Department joins the ranks of more than 400 cities and other organizations across the globe that offer its citizens a fun and environmentally-friendly transportation alternative.

Bike-sharing services already have enjoyed great success in the cities of Miami and Miami Beach; and in other cities, such as Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon and Toronto,  Canada.

According to the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, an estimated 400 cities on five continents have implemented bike-share services because it addresses pressing urban mobility issues that include traffic, air pollution, transit finance, and the “last-mile” problem of getting commuters to and from rail and bus stops.

“We are always looking for easy-to-use solutions to our ‘first-mile/last-mile’ challenge, particularly when it comes to connecting our residents and visitors to our rail lines and major bus-transfer points,” said Alice N. Bravo, P.E., Director of DTPW. “Bike sharing is a fun and healthy transportation option that allows people to extend their trips on transit, while helping to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.”

The venture will cost the County nothing, as the winning vendor will be the one responsible for building the facilities and operating them. Companies that wish to submit a proposal can do so by registering with BidSync.

Department officials said the implementation of the service will be immediately upon the award of the contract.

To easily plan a trip on transit, or keep up with the latest information regarding transit services, the public can download the recently re-designed free Miami-Dade Transit Tracker app on their iPhones (with the latest upgrade available for Android phones available in late September/early October 2016). Riders can also register to receive Rider Alerts.

They can also visit DTPW's Transit home page for complete schedules, station maps and more. This site also can be used to plan a trip on transit using Google Trip Planner, and to discover additional transit services.