Media Contact:
Michael Hernandez

Miami-Dade County urges residents to stay safe after the storm

MIAMI (October 07, 2016)

As of 5 a.m., the Tropical Storm warning has been lifted for Miami-Dade County. The Office of Emergency Management would like to remind residents to stay safe after the storm.

  • Car accidents are the main cause of injury after a hurricane. If traffic signals are down, treat all intersections like a 4-way stop.

  • Stay away from all downed utility lines and do not drive over them.

  • To report down traffic signs or signals, call the 311 Contact Center.

  • If you need to use a generator, ground your generator and do not run generators inside your home. Carbon monoxide fumes emitted from the generator are toxic and can be deadly.Do not connect to your home’s electrical system. It is a fire /electrocution risk.

Residents who do not have Internet access can call the 311 Contact Center at 305-468-5900 or TDD: 305-468-5402. Operators are ready to assist residents in English, Spanish and Haitian Creole.