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"HeadsUp, Miami!" campaign launches today for safer streets

MIAMI (February 24, 2017)

Multi-tasking while in the car, crossing the street or riding a bike can be a tough to temptation to resist, but a new Miami-centric campaign against distracted driving is urging everyone to stop and focus while they are on the road.

Neat Streets Miami and Miami-Dade County are launching the “Heads Up, Miami!” Campaign, which features drivers, pedestrians and cyclists caught in the act of being distracted. “Heads Up, Miami! Safer Streets Start With You” is a product of the Safer People, Safer Streets Local Action Plan adopted by the Board of County Commissioners in June, 2016. The campaign will include messages on billboards, newspaper ads, website banners and radio spots urging drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to pay attention, keep their eyes on the road and consider the weight of their actions.

Last year, the United States saw a 50 year high in road-related fatalities. The Miami metropolitan area consistently ranks on top of the “most dangerous communities for pedestrians” list.

“Sharing streets with busy car, bicycle and pedestrian traffic is challenging enough without distractions. When cell phones are added to the mix, eyes are taken off the road and that’s when serious consequences arise, even loss of life,” said Miami-Dade Commissioner Dennis C. Moss (District 9), Chairman of Neat Streets Miami, the Board that oversees the Safer People, Safer Streets initiative. “I invite everyone to take the pledge to keep their eyes on the road and not be caught up in the act of texting. Your life and everyone else’s depends on your commitment.”

“Miami-Dade Parks is proud to be part of this great county-wide initiative for safer streets,” said Miami-Dade Parks Director George Navarrete. “Our goal is to make people realize, whether they are traveling around town by car, on bike or foot, that they have a role to play in making streets safer for everyone. The hope is that with the constant reminders about staying focused and not texting, it will make a difference.”

In an effort to amplify the message, the Miami-Dade County Department of Health is running a complementary campaign. “Heads Up, Miami! Healthy Streets Start with You” demonstrates healthy behaviors on the streets: mothers walking safely in the crosswalk with their strollers, joggers running on paths alongside roads and cyclists safely sharing the road with motorists.

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