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Miami-Dade County cancels Tuesday evening's aerial spraying due to high wind conditions

Mosquito Control will reschedule when weather conditions permit

MIAMI (May 17, 2017)

The aerial spraying activity for mosquitoes scheduled yesterday evening was cancelled as a result of high winds in South Dade. The Department of Solid Waste Management’s (DSWM) Mosquito Control and Habitat Management Division will continue to collect mosquito surveillance data in order to reschedule the aerial spray activity when the weather conditions are more favorable. 
“Spraying under high wind conditions kills very few mosquitoes and will cause the insecticide to drift from the targeted areas,” stated DSWM’s Mosquito Control Surveillance Manager Chalmers Vasquez.  “We want to ensure that the spraying mission is a success and having the right weather conditions is necessary.”

To help keep mosquitoes at bay, residents throughout the county are encouraged to continue to drain any standing water to prevent mosquito breeding, apply mosquito repellent when outdoors and wear clothing that covers the skin to avoid mosquito bites.

Residents with questions about the aerial spraying, or complaints about mosquitoes, can visit or call the County’s Contact Center at 311.