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Luis Espinoza
Karla Damian

Miami-Dade County announces Quick-Build Challenge winners

MIAMI (August 30, 2017)

Miami-Dade County’s Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTPW) and Green Mobility Network are excited to announce the selection of 18 projects to be implemented as part of Phase I of the Quick-Build Program over the next year.

From the first designated bus lane in Miami, to over three miles of new dedicated bike lanes, the Quick-Build Program will lead to immediate transportation improvements for thousands of county residents. Projects that usually take five or more years to complete will be built on a much more accelerated timeline.

The Quick-Build Program was made possible by a $150,000 grant to Green Mobility Network from the New York based nonprofit Transit Center, with an additional $30,000 in funding from The Miami Foundation. The Quick-Build Program is part of a broader effort by DTPW to create a more responsive and efficient process for delivering projects that improve access to public transit and safe bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

By working on projects like the Ludlam Trail, The Underline, Complete Streets Pilots, and the SMART Plan, Miami-Dade County is positioning itself to be recognized as a leader in innovative bicycling infrastructure and transit access. To accomplish this shift, the Quick-Build Program seeks to fund projects based on the Tactical Urbanism method. That means projects are built quickly (over 1-2 days) for a low cost, and allow immediate evaluation, testing, and use of infrastructure.

“Teaming up with Green Mobility Network and tapping into the Tactical Urbanism conversation is an opportunity for the Department to further engage the community and help develop transportation solutions together,” said Alice N. Bravo, P.E., Director of the Department of Transportation and Public Works. “This way, we’re hearing directly from users who know what they want and we’re able to implement projects they deem important that will lead to enhancing their experience.”

A review committee comprised of individuals from DTPW, Green Mobility Network, Transit Center, Street Plans Collaborative, and Neat Streets Miami evaluated 68 applications submitted by several agencies, municipalities, residents and others for transit improvements throughout Miami-Dade County. Local urban design and planning firm Street Plans, the technical consultants on the projects, will be conducting kickoff meetings with project winners over the next few weeks, and projects will be built with community members and project partners. For more information on the winning projects, visit Miami-Dade Quick-Build Program.