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Miami-Dade County collects more than one million cubic yards of Hurricane Irma debris

MIAMI (October 11, 2017)

The Miami-Dade County Department of Solid Waste Management (DSWM) has reached an important milestone in its efforts to remove an unprecedented 3 million cubic yards of debris left behind by Hurricane Irma. DSWM crews and contractors together have collected more than one million cubic yards (1,060,932 to be exact) of material through October 10, 2017.

DSWM began the task of removing 3 million cubic yards—which are roughly equivalent to 120,000 bulky waste pickups—of hurricane debris almost immediately after the all-clear was given as Hurricane Irma left the Miami-Dade County area on September 11. To put this staggering amount into perspective, DSWM had more debris to handle from this solitary event than it manages in an entire year of bulky waste pickups and materials dropped off at its 13 Neighborhood Trash and Recycling Centers. Or put another way, if all of the debris left by Hurricane Irma were to be lined up in a pile one yard high and one yard wide, the pile would stretch the driving distance from Miami to Montreal, Canada – more than 1600 miles.

While this accomplishment during the first pass of hurricane debris removal caps a month’s worth of effort, DSWM continues to urge Miami-Dade residents to remain patient. DSWM is responsible for removing hurricane debris for approximately 340,000 Miami-Dade households spread out across roughly 320 square miles, as well as material from the public rights-of-way and on County-maintained roads in unincorporated Miami-Dade and several municipalities. DSWM crews and contractors are working from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day—including holidays and weekends—and will continue to do so until the last pile of debris is collected.

Miami-Dade residents interested in updates on DSWM’s debris removal progress have a number of options at their disposal. Residents can see if their home is an area assigned, pending or completed for the first pass of hurricane debris removal on the Hurricane Irma Debris Viewer. Countywide updates and tips for managing debris can be found on the Recovering Hurricane Irma Together web page.  DSWM often posts updates on its Facebook and Twitter accounts. For general information on DSWM, residents can either call 311 or visit DSWM’s website.