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Miami-Dade County to launch all new

MIAMI ( January 14, 2019 )

Miami-Dade County will launch its newly redesigned website,, on Tuesday, Jan. 15. The new website puts the focus on the resident, bringing essential government services to the forefront and providing greater access to County information.

The new features a clean and fully responsive interface that is optimized for viewing on both mobile and desktop devices. Its reengineered on-site search feature allows users to filter results in numerous ways making key services, programs and events easier to find. Users can also create or update their profile to receive mobile alerts, link their Water and Sewer Department account or subscribe for weekly updates.

“The redesign of further enhances government transparency and continues to transform the way the County communicates in a manner that is customer focused and service driven. I am proud of the work the Communications Department is doing to ensure all who come to transact with or learn about Miami-Dade County have a positive customer experience,” said Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez.

The new website has been under development since 2016 during which time the County evaluated and designed its data architecture, rewriting, recategorizing and reducing hundreds of pages of content. Plain language replaced jargon and specialized terminology. This simplified language has enhanced accessibility and optimized content to be machine readable by virtual assistants and other devices. Web analytics, 311 Contact Center data, user testing and feedback, along with best practices drove content improvements.

“The Communications Department has been and will continue to collect user feedback from 311, the web, social media and survey data to prioritize improvements to the web to create a more positive user experience,” said Inson Kim, Director of the Communications Department.

The simpler, customer service-driven design of the new marks a shift from the department-based approach of the County’s last website launched back in 2007. Microsites centered around key topics like recycling, riding Metrorail and applying for a County job are now part of the experience. This is just another example of the steps Miami-Dade County is taking to use data and technology to help consumers resolve everyday challenges.