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WASD's MVP staff will ensure constant water pressure during Sunday's big game

MIAMI ( February 01, 2019 )

Chips, dips, drinks, pizza and chicken wings are ready and your high-def TV is tuned in to the big game, but did you check to see if your toilet is able to flush? Good news! The Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (WASD) has MVP-caliber staff at its three water treatment plants who will defend against low water pressure that occurs annually during the big game.

A little known stat on football’s biggest day is that water pressure can drop by as much as 18 to 22 pounds per square inch right at the two-minute warning of the first half and continue throughout halftime as well as right after the game. As a result, WASD staff will monitor use and may have to make an audible call and add another pump to the system at each plant to compensate for the decrease in pressure.

So sit back, enjoy the game and the commercials confidently knowing that WASD is protecting your blind side.

It is the priority of the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department to provide safe, reliable service to its customers. For additional information about Department services and programs, visit the WASD website.