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Miami-Dade County reminds residents of requirements before renting out their homes for Super Bowl LIV

MIAMI ( January 24, 2020 )

The Miami-Dade County Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources (RER) wants to remind residents renting out their homes during Super Bowl LIV that it is not too late to obtain a certificate of use (CU), which is required for all vacation rentals in unincorporated Miami-Dade County. A surge in first-time hosts is anticipated in connection with the Super Bowl, and all hosts must be compliant with the County code.

Registration is easy and available online. Owners who wish to rent out their homes must obtain their CU prior to advertising their property. The total cost for this service is $136.17, which includes the CU and inspection fee. Each CU is valid for one year.

All CUs must be displayed in a location that is clearly visible to guests within the vacation rental and must include, at a minimum, the name, address and phone number of the responsible party and the maximum occupancy of the vacation rental. Noise and parking regulations also apply.

The Code Compliance Division will be working to address properties that fail to comply. RER encourages all owners to register online to avoid the possible issuance of additional penalties and fees. For questions or for additional information, contact the Neighborhood Regulations Division at 786-315-2552. More information on short-term vacation rentals and enforcement procedures can also be found on the website.