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Miami-Dade County Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources announces service updates

Updates include information about construction permitting, code compliance, consumer protection and more

MIAMI ( March 20, 2020 )

The Miami-Dade County Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources (RER) announces the following service updates to help mitigate the community spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Customers are asked to avoid visiting the department’s various locations, including the Permitting and Inspection Center (PIC), Stephen P. Clark Government Center and Overtown Transit Village – North and South, unless they absolutely need to. RER has implemented measures to keep people at a proper social distance, including limiting the number of people allowed into a customer service area at a time. Customers should instead use phone, email or RER’s online services in lieu of visiting offices.

Specifically at the PIC, customers will find the following measures in place:

  • Only a few customers will be allowed inside at a time.
  • Customers will be properly spaced outside the building while waiting to be allowed inside.
  • Public kiosks are unavailable until further notice.
  • Drop-off service is available for permit applications and Certificates of Use and/or Occupancy.
  • Customers who register for the queue system should wait outside and maintain a social distance.
  • Customers will be given extra time to enter the building.

Additionally, given the County’s emphasis on having as much staff as possible work from home, RER is providing its services in alternate formats. Following is a list of phone numbers and emails customers may contact for further assistance:

Agricultural Manager: Call 305-971-5091 or email [email protected].

Board and Code Administration: Call 786-315-2509 or email [email protected] or [email protected].  Other contact information: Board Administration, 786-315-2573 or [email protected]; Contractor Licensing, 786-315-2882 or [email protected]; and Product Control, 786-315-2590 or [email protected]. Online, customers may conduct contractor information and complaint searches and search for approved products.

Code Compliance: Customers can reach staff at the following phone numbers or emails: lien services, 786-315-2777 or [email protected]; building support (unsafe structures, work without permits, contractor enforcement), 786-315-2424, [email protected] or [email protected];  neighborhood compliance, 786-315-2552. View their online services.

Construction Permitting and Building Code: Starting Monday, March 23, appointments with plan reviewers, design professionals and supervisors will take place by phone. Customers will be called at their scheduled time. Pre-submittals, reworks and concierge services will take place by teleconference. All other services will continue as normal, including inspection services, acceptance of permit applications, Certificates of Use and/or Occupancy and cashiering services. Voice response is available at 305-591-7966. Live assistance will be available at 786-315-2000 and [email protected]. Their online services offer wide variety of services, including inspection requests, appointment scheduling and e-permitting.

Consumer Protection: Residents may file the following complaints online: consumerwage theft and services provided by for-hire transportation companies or taxicabs. Complaints can also be filed by emailing documentation to [email protected]. For questions or assistance, call 786-469-2333. Licensing customers can call 786-469-2300 or email any questions and/or completed applications to [email protected].

Environmental Resources Management (DERM): Call 305-372-6789 or email [email protected]. Here is contact information for various sections: Air Quality Management Division, 305-372-6925; Code Coordination and Public Hearings, 305-372-6764; Environmental Monitoring & Restoration Division, 305-372-6700; Environmental Plan Review, 305-372-6899 (OTV), 305-492-2004 (Hialeah); Natural Resources Section (including Trees, Wetlands, Coastal and Water Control), 305-372-6881 or [email protected]; Pollution Regulation Division, 305-372-6600; Environmental Permitting Activities, [email protected]; Environmental Complaints (operating 24/7), 305-372-6955 or [email protected]; Storage Tank Inspections, schedule at 305-372-6521 and for questions regarding the requesting of construction inspections email [email protected]; Stormwater Utility Operations, 305-372-6688; Inspections and Complaints (Stormwater & Beaches, 305-372-6529; Water and Wastewater Division, 305-372-6920; Fats, Oils, and Grease Program, [email protected]; Wastewater Treatment Program, [email protected]; Potable Well Program, [email protected]; Private/Public Sanitary Sewer Program, [email protected]; FOG construction inspections can be scheduled as usual at [email protected]. For more, view their online services.

Film and Entertainment: Call 786-202-0473 or email [email protected]. All film and photo permits issued by the Miami-Dade Office of Film and Entertainment for all Miami-Dade County properties, roadways, including Miami International Airport, Transit and PortMiami, and unincorporated areas, are rescinded and suspended until further notice.

Office of Resilience: Call 786-719-9155 or email [email protected].

Planning: Call 305-375-2835 or email [email protected]. Customers may also use the self-service portal.

Zoning: Call 305-375-1806 for Zoning services and 305-375-2141 for Platting or email [email protected]. Customers may also use the self-service portal.

Customers who visit any of RER’s offices should expect a reduction in the number of staff available to help them and may experience longer wait times.

RER reminds its customers that this situation is evolving daily. The department is actively adjusting its business practices to best serve customers while following the current best practices to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

For the most up-to-date information about services, visit