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Save every D-rop of water

Save every D-rop of water

It’s not that people waste water on purpose. Behaviors learned in childhood, like running the water while brushing our teeth or flushing something that could be thrown in the trash, can follow us well into adulthood when bad habits are harder to break.

Now, Miami-Dade County’s coolest and newest spokesperson is taking up the water conservation cause with a crystal clear message aimed directly at younger audiences: if you want water later on, use less now.

Going by the name D-rop, the new voice of water conservation is a real character. You may have caught D-rop’s commercial playing in movie theaters earlier this year inviting children in grades K-5 to enter the “Every Drop Counts” poster contest. The best 13 designs were selected from hundreds of entries, one for each commission district. They will be featured in a calendar that will serve as a daily reminder to cut down on water usage.

Getting children involved will have a major impact on our water supply today and 20 years from now, according to Maribel Balbin, Water Use Efficiency Manager. She says children have real pull when it comes to changing behaviors in the household.

“It was proven some years ago with recycling that children do impact behavior in the home. At the time they became the enforcers,” says Balbin, who expects equal vigilance for water conservation. They’ll have some help too thanks to a Board resolution mandating a children’s outreach campaign. That means you’ll be hearing a lot from D-rop in the weeks to come...

If you want to get involved in ensuring a bright future for our community, now’s the perfect time to learn more about D-rop and the County’s 20-Year Water Use Permit. Visit the Water Conservation website.