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Miami-Dade County maintains vibrant communities by ensuring that public roads are repaired, garbage is collected, neighborhoods are kept clean, green space areas are conserved, running water is available, and drainage systems work efficiently.

 Department Performance Reports & Business Plans 

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Through partnerships with several volunteer organizations and local municipalities, the Office of Community Image has undertaken, gateway beautification projects that enhance the look of our community for visitors and residents alike.

  • Last year the Department of Water and Sewer Department saved over 1.15 million gallons of water through its Water-Use Efficiency Program, which includes high efficiency toilet vouchers and showerheads.   


  • The County’s Adopt-a-Tree program distributed 
    13,210 trees last year compared to 16,505 the previous year, a 20 percent decrease due to fewer events in 2007.   
  • Illegal dumping remains a significant problem. Solid Waste Management collected more than 3,144 tons of illegally dumped materials, an increase of 5 percent over the previous year.    
  • Team Metro closed over 31,000 reported cases of illegal signs on public rights-of-way and the Government on the Go Bus assisted 12,461 citizens with everything from issuing baby stroller parking permits to processing passport applications.  
  • The Building Department issued over 70,000 permits, a 40 percent decrease from the previous year due to a weakening housing and construction market.  
  • The County's Street Tree Master Plan was developed as a roadmap to maximize the County's tree canopy. Public Works planted more than 10,769 trees and maintained 75,247.

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