Miami-Dade County Tax Collector Online W9 Form

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Form W-9 is required by the IRS to report interest income paid to you. On this form you must provide your correct Social Security number or Tax Identification number as required by the requestor for submission to the IRS. By submitting this W-9, you are certifying that the Social Security number or Tax Identification number you are providing is correct and accurate.

Note: Foreign individuals (including corporations) need to certify their non-U.S. status by filing a W-8 form instead.  Please consult a tax professional to determine the W-8 form that best suits your needs, fill it out, sign it and mail it back to Miami Dade Tax Collector, 200 N.W. 2nd Ave., Miami FL 33128.

The W-9 Form does not support Safari Web Browser. Please use the following Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.

Filing W9 is required for receiving your interest refund:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3  
  • Please confirm that you have received a Refund Interest payment letter from Tax Collector’s Office.
  • The letter indicates that you are entitled to receive interest on a refund check as a result of a property tax refund resulting from a Value Adjustment Board change.
  • Tax Control Number & folio number found on your Refund Interest payment letter.
  • A Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number for the named party/entity found on your refund interest payment letter from the Tax Collector's Office.