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November 04, 2011
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Jennifer L. Messemer

Luis Espinoza


Olga Connor


The swimming advisory for western biscayne bay has been reduced to the shoreline area between ne 57th and ne 50th street only

As a precautionary measure, a public advisory is still in effect to avoid contact with water including swimming and recreational activities in a small area of the waters of western Biscayne Bay, due to a discharge of sewage that entered the Bay. However, the area under this advisory has been reduced to the western shoreline of the Bay, between the NE 57th St and Lake Road/NE 50th St. This means that the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), located east of the shoreline, is no longer in the advisory area.

Residents are advised to avoid contact with surface waters in the area of this Advisory. The Miami-Dade County Permitting, Environment and Regulatory Affairs Department (PERA) will continue to test the affected waters and this Swimming Advisory will remain in effect for the areas mentioned above until test results return to normal levels. The advisory is required due to an overflow of sewage near Morningside Park (NE 55th St) caused by the excessive rain earlier this week.

The pump station has resumed to normal operation. Residents can view the latest information and a copy of this map at