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Solicitation Details - A13-MDAD-02 ESP This Solicitation is expired.

Opening Date  : 5/14/2014
Opening Time  : 03:30 PM
Announcement  Info  :   MIA Building 863 was constructed during the year 1963. The existing roof is well beyond the standard 20 year warranty required by MDAD and interim repairs of the leak prone areas have become frequent enough to be deemed non-cost effective. Therefore, a permanent solution is necessary to ensure the dry in of the complete building and prevent additional inconvenience to the tenants. The scope of services includes professional architectural and engineering services to provide the following services which will enable MDAD to obtain a roof replacement for MIA Building 863; prepare roof plans, detailed construction documents including specifications, project segment specific contractor access and staging plans; Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) plans, preparation of schedules, phasing and/or sequencing plans as may apply. The A/E shall prepare an estimate of probable construction costs and update, as required at various stages and shall review the applicable codes and obtain documents confirming product approval for specified products and systems. The project (MDAD Project No. R062A) involves the re-roofing of the existing Bldg. 863 roof and consists of approximately 105,200 square feet. The roof was estimated as a 3-ply Modified Bitumen roof, however, the A/E is expected to recommend the most cost effective roofing system for this project. All existing rooftop equipment is to remain. All new roofing will be flashed to existing or new curbs and roof pipe/raceway supports. In addition the work includes repairs or replacement as needed of all the auxiliary existing mechanical, structural and electrical systems on the roof such as fans, pipe insulation, valves, roof drains, lightning protection, as well as pipe and raceway supports. Although Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is not applicable to re-roofing projects, the proposer must incorporate cost effective maximization of the roofing thermal resistance and coating reflectance. Through this application, the electrical costs for the existing air conditioning system is expected to consume less electricity, thus guiding this project into desired LEED principles. One PSA with a not-to-exceed value of $165,375 (inclusive of contingency allowance) will be executed for an effective term of three (3) years for professional services requested during the initial term.
Technical  Certification  :   4.02 Aviation Systems – Architectural Design (PRIME) 14.00 Architecture(PRIME) 4.01 Aviation Systems – Engineering Design 9.05 Roof Testing and Consulting 10.01 Stormwater Drainage Design Engineering Services 11.00 General Structural Engineering 12.00 General Mechanical Engineering 13.00 General Electrical Engineering 16.00 General Civil Engineering 18.00 Architectural Construction Management
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