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Solicitation Details - A14-CUA-01 GOB This Solicitation is expired.

Title  :   Architectural and Engineering Servcies for the Coconut Grove Playhouse
Opening Date  : 6/6/2014
Opening Time  : 03:30 PM
Announcement  Info  :   The scope of work includes architectural, engineering, and specialty consultant services to re-establish great regional theater at the Coconut Grove Playhouse property located at 3500 Main Highway, Miami, FL 33133 which shall include, but not be limited to: • Reviewing documentation establishing the property’s municipal historic designation by the City of Miami Historic and Environmental Preservation Board (HEPB) via Resolution No. HEPB-2005-60 dated October 5, 2005; • Reviewing the results of previous efforts to re-imagine the possibilities for the site (design charrette conducted by the University of Miami School of Architecture’s Center for Urban and Community Design and a building program developed by Fisher Dachs Associates, both completed in 2008) and developing a building program delineating spaces and sizes; • Providing a master plan which may include both immediate and future development based on the existing property’s historic designation, programming goals for the facility, and the available funding. The components envisioned for the site include a state of the art theater (target capacity: 300-600 seats), including all required front-of-house and back-of-house spaces necessary for the successful operation of the theater, parking, and future compatible development that may address the need for additional parking, a second theater (target capacity 600-900 seats) and complementary site amenities such as retail, restaurants, etc.; • Providing proposed development with features, scale and ambiance that is consistent with the location and context of the site and that meets all required municipal reviews, including the City of Miami’s Historic and Environmental Preservation Board; • Providing construction documents and construction administration services; and • Collaborating with CUA as the lead developer for the project and the following partners: ? GableStage, the not-for-profit organization that will manage/operate the facility; ? Florida International University (FIU), who will partner with GableStage through the FIU College or Architecture + The Arts, and specifically their Theater Department, to provide professional theater opportunities for FIU students and faculty; ? City of Miami Department of Off-Street Parking (Miami Parking Authority (MPA)) in developing the siting for a parking structure that may be later developed by MPA; and ? Community stakeholders. The selected consultant team must provide: program verification; site/master planning services; quality architectural design integrating historic preservation requirements with theater, acoustical and sound and communications components; detailed line item cost estimates; construction documents and specifications; bidding and award services; construction administration services including cost estimating and schedule analysis services, and must participate in community meetings to inform the public of the project’s progress. One professional services agreement will be awarded under this solicitation with an effective term of 4 years with a two (2) one-year options to extend. Options to extend are based solely on the approval of the County Mayor or County Mayor's designee. Experience and Qualifications: 1) The prime consultant must have the following program specific essential qualifications: a) A minimum of three (3) years relevant experience in performing comprehensive site/master planning services for cultural facilities; b) Experience in designing (including the production of construction documents) a cultural and/or arts facility (theater, performing arts venue, cultural arts center, etc.) as new construction or major renovation with a minimum $5 million construction value; c) Experience successfully providing design solutions that maximize the use of new and/or existing spaces based on programmatic goals and limited capital resources. The prime consultant shall meet or exceed the above program-specific essential qualifications and provide a minimum of three (3) client references of comparable contracts, ongoing or completed, demonstrating that the prime meets the qualifications as stipulated above. The following must be included for each client reference: i) Client; ii) Description of each firm’s work on the project, including the firm’s total compensation for the contracted services; iii) Client’s contact person, phone number, and email address; and iv) Details to support whether each team member’s particular expertise relevant to the solicitation was gained while employed by the respondent firm or as a member of another firm/team. 2) The prime or a sub-consultant must have the following program specific essential qualifications: a) A minimum of five (5) years historic preservation experience, including rehabilitation, additions and adaptive re-use of historic properties with a minimum $3 million construction value. 3) The prime consultant must identify the following individuals on their team: a) Senior Architect - Must be a State of Florida licensed architect with a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in projects of similar size and scope; b) Project Manager - Must have a Bachelor's degree in Architecture and a minimum two (2) years’ experience in projects of similar size and scope; and c) Construction Manager – Must have a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Engineering, or Construction Management and a minimum two (2) years’ experience in managing construction projects of similar size and scope. 4) The prime consultant must identify the following Specialty Consultants, who must demonstrate a minimum of five (5) years of experience in the design and specification of the specialty systems/equipment: a) Theater Consultant; b) Acoustical Consultant; c) Sound and Communications Consultant; d) Cost Estimator; e) Schedule Consultant; f) Interior Designer; g) Envelope Consultant; h) Parking and Traffic Consultant; i) Signage and Way-Finding Consultant; j) Security Consultant; k) LEED Consultant; and l) Any other specialty consultant deemed necessary by the Prime to successfully complete the project. The specialty consultant expertise noted above must be met by a qualified individual(s) of the prime and/or sub-consultant(s) firm. The experience must be demonstrated by direct or substantial involvement of the individual(s). The prime or sub-consultant shall provide detailed resume(s) of the individual(s) that fulfills the specialty consultant requirement, and provide sample projects that the individual(s) has worked on and in what capacity. The determination of the individual's qualifications and compliance with the above experience and qualifications shall be at the sole discretion of the County. The Competitive Selection Committee may negatively evaluate proposals from firms they determine have failed to meet the above experience and qualification(s).
Technical  Certification  :   14.00 Architecture (Prime) 18.00 Architectural Construction Management (Prime) 3.01 Site Development and Parking Lot Design 3.04 Traffic Engineering Studies 11.00 General Structural Engineering 12.00 General Mechanical Engineering 13.00 General Electrical Engineering 16.00 General Civil Engineering 17.00 Engineering Construction Management 20.00 Landscape Architecture 22.00 A.D.A. Title II
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