Resolutions Enacted by the County Commission

A "resolution" is a policy developed by the Mayor, a member(s) of the Board of County of County Commissioners ("Board"), or a County Department and presented for the Board's adoption. Unlike an ordinance, which must be considered by the Board twice before adoption, on first and second reading, a resolution requires only one reading before adoption. 

The Clerk of the Board (COB) maintains a registry of each resolution adopted by the Board, pursuant to the Board's Rules of Procedure PDFThe COB also assigns a serial number and executes to each resolution adopted by the Board. 

The Board adopts its own rules of procedure and decides which of its actions shall be enacted by resolution, pursuant to Section 1.02 of the Home Rule Charter PDF. Notably, any action taken by the Board that raises revenue, appropriates funds, incurs indebtedness, imposes a penalty or establishes a rule or regulation for a violation that results in a penalty, must be enacted by ordinance.