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For Immediate Release:
July 11, 2019
Media Contact:
Manuel Orbis Jr.


Vice Chairwoman Sosa secures $6.5 Million for a new elderly affordable housing facility in her district

Funding for a new affordable housing facility for the elderly was secured by Vice Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa during the July 10th, 2019, meeting of the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners. The resolution advanced by Vice Chairwoman Sosa allocates $6.5 Million for the construction of the 64 unit building, near the Ludlam Trail on Coral Way and SW 69th Avenue, as well as a multi-purpose space.

The project, known as the Ludlam Trail Towers, is being developed to address the overwhelming need for affordable housing for the elderly in our community. Funding is provided from the voter-approved Building Better Communities General Obligation Bond Program with $5,592,000 allocated for the construction of the facility and $907,693 for the development of a multi-purpose facility. There will be 64 one and two-bedroom units for low-income elderly residents. Moreover, the multi-purpose facility will be approximately 2,848 square feet and will serve the elderly residents in the Ludlam Trail Towers Project as well as members of the public from the surrounding areas by providing opportunities to socialize and exercise with a full range of life-enriching activities.          

“Our seniors deserve the very best, and it is up to our generation to help them live their golden years with dignity,” said Vice Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa. “It brings me great joy to see this effort move forward, and I pledge to continue working on initiatives that better our community. This new facility will be a shining example of Miami-Dade County’s commitment to improving the lives of the elderly.”