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For Immediate Release:
October 07, 2019
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Manuel Orbis, Jr.


Vice Chairwoman Sosa Advocates for Permanent Funding for First Responder Training

Miami-Dade County – On October 3, 2019, County Commissioners unanimously adopted legislation filed by Vice Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa urging the Florida Legislature to allocate dedicated funding to train law enforcement, first responders and other emergency personnel to prepare for terror attacks and mass shootings, identify and combat such threats, and treat the victims of said acts.

While the United States continues to face the threat of terrorism carried out by external extremist and anti-government groups, there has been an increase in decentralized domestic terrorism perpetrated by individuals. Recent attacks in New Zealand, France, and the United States highlight the threat posed by domestic terrorism and the unique challenges it presents to local law enforcement officers and first responders. Taking this into consideration, Vice Chairwoman Sosa authored legislation urging the Florida Legislature to provide dedicated funding towards ensuring that our law enforcement and first responders have the necessary preparation to address terror attacks and render life-saving aid to victims. Terrorism and mass shootings have the potential to greatly disrupt the health and well-being of residents and visitors to Florida, as such measures should be taken to enhance law enforcement’s ability to thwart or reduce the detrimental consequences that often accompany such acts of terror.

“When a terrorist strikes, our police and fire are the first on the scene to stop the attack and save lives,” said Vice Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa. “These brave men and women must have all of the preparation and tools they need to successfully deal with these extremely dangerous situations. I thank my colleagues for unanimously calling on the Florida Legislature to dedicate funding toward defending ourselves against acts of terror and helping us to prevent them in the future.”