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For Immediate Release:
April 03, 2024
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Gianfranco Puppio
[email protected]

Miami-Dade County aims to make boating safer on Biscayne Bay

MIAMI-DADE – Miami-Dade County Commissioners, led by co-prime sponsors Commissioner Micky Steinberg and Commissioner Kevin Marino Cabrera, took a significant step towards making Biscayne Bay safer. The adopted legislation directs the administration to conduct a study focusing on the safety of boating activities in Biscayne Bay from north of the MacArthur Causeway to the County line.

Commissioner Cabrera stated, “These measures allow us to identify areas where boater speeding needs to be addressed.” He continued, “Without such provisions, we could overlook sections of Biscayne Bay that require updated guidelines, impacting the safety and enjoyment of citizens and boaters alike.”

Adding to the conversation, Commissioner Steinberg shared, “As stewards of Biscayne Bay, we must ensure that it remains a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. This legislation represents a critical step towards balancing our boating community's needs with preserving our natural resources.”

The resolution aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the current boating safety in Biscayne Bay and recommends establishing boating-restricted areas if deemed necessary. The study will consider both County and state capabilities for establishing such restrictions. It will involve collaboration with federal and state agencies and municipalities bordering Biscayne Bay to ensure a holistic approach to boating safety.