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For Immediate Release:
September 13, 2023
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Janie Olvera
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Say no to newly proposed landfill in South-Dade: The future of South Miami-Dade is in our hands!

Statement from Commissioner Kionne L. McGhee regarding newly proposed landfill in South Miami-Dade

MIAMI-DADE – We stand on the cusp of a decision that will shape the future of our vibrant Keys Gate Community and the greater South Miami-Dade area. An impending landfill proposal, knocking at our doorsteps, threatens not just the landscape but the very spirit that has defined our communities for generations. But when faced with challenges, we don’t back down. We unite! This isn’t just about a landfill. This is about honoring the legacy of neighborhoods that have grown, prospered, and stood as beacons of unity, security, and comfort. Our shared past, rich with memories and milestones, deserves a future untarnished by the potential pitfalls of such a proposal.

The health of our community, both in the environmental and public sense, is paramount. We cannot and should not be exposed to the hazards synonymous with landfills – the toxins, pollutants, and disruptive odors. Every child, every family, and every friend in our community has the right to a clean, vibrant environment that celebrates life. And let’s talk about dreams – our dream of a bustling golf course, a centerpiece for recreation, joy, and community togetherness. This vision is now at risk. We must rally together to ensure our aspirations aren’t sidelined. Our community deserves spaces that uplift, inspire, and bring us closer.

Our environment is our legacy. The pristine wetlands of South Florida, teeming with unique biodiversity, act as nature’s tapestry, rich and intricate. Any threat to this tapestry is not just a local concern but one of global significance. We have an unwavering duty to protect and preserve these sanctuaries for ourselves and for future generations. The broader implications are undeniable. The security and safety of South Florida and, by extension, our great nation hang in the balance with this proposal’s potential impact on the Homestead Air Reserve Base. We rally behind our brave servicemen and women, pledging our unwavering support, ensuring their mission remains uncompromised.

So, as we approach the review of this proposal, we stand tall, hand in hand. We urge our representatives and officials: Hear our united voice. Understand our shared dream. Vote NO to this proposal. Together, in unity and resolve, let’s champion the vision we hold for our community, our base, our cities, and our treasured South Florida. Onward, for a brighter future!